Chapter 389: Long Juxue’s Mind Games

Chapter 389: Long Juxue’s Mind Games

Long Juxue had made an immense show of her strength, as if she were a sovereign descending upon the sky quadrant.

One had to say, she had succeeded in her goal with that performance. Her strong breakthrough had given birth to a deep feeling of resignation, of being unable to compete with this enemy within the top geniuses of the four great sects.

It wasn’t that they were doubting themselves, but that everyone knew that once an innate constitution broke through to the sky spirit realm, none of their peers would be able to hold their own in front of this cultivator.

Even someone as strong as Lei Gangyang wouldn’t be able to do so.

As deep as the potentials of the others were, they were even less likely to be able to successfully challenge Long Juxue.

Only Jiang Chen felt quite disdainful of Long Juxue’s actions.

The more of a mysterious front she put on and the more she wanted to awe others, the more Jiang Chen felt that she was afraid of being found out.

The entire sky quadrant had sunk into a resigned depression, but Jiang Chen remained unmoved. His dao heart was scarcely affected as he continued to cultivate at his own pace.

Not a single misstep would be tolerated now that refinement of the Raven King core had reached this step.

It was a...

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