Chapter 388: Long Juxue’s Breakthrough

Chapter 388: Long Juxue’s Breakthrough

Liu Wencai was honest and loyal, whereas Tang Hong was good-natured and honest. When two honest folks were put together, it made for a rather interesting sight. They actually got along fabulously.

After drinking a few cups of wine, Tang Hong suddenly thought of something and slapped his thigh. “Boss, I almost forgot. I’m here to remind you to hurry up and move. If you miss the move out time and delay the other person moving in, you could get docked points if they tattle on you.”

Jiang Chen smiled. “No worries, he won’t rat on me, don’t worry.”

“How would you know? You haven’t met them.” Tang Hong was a bit skeptical.

“Haha, who says I haven’t? What seems far away is actually close at hand; Liu Wencai is the champion of the earth quadrant and has been assigned residence number 91. Wencai, will you rat me out?”

Liu Wencai also started laughing.

Tang Hong paused and then realized what was going on here. He chuckled in a silly manner and scratched his hair. “I hadn’t wrapped my mind around it yet, haha. Boss, you came here as the champion of the earth quadrant, and now younger brother Wencai is the new champion of the...

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