Chapter 388: Long Juxue’s Breakthrough

Chapter 388: Long Juxue’s Breakthrough

Liu Wencai was honest and loyal, whereas Tang Hong was good-natured and honest. When two honest folks were put together, it made for a rather interesting sight. They actually got along fabulously.

After drinking a few cups of wine, Tang Hong suddenly thought of something and slapped his thigh. “Boss, I almost forgot. I’m here to remind you to hurry up and move. If you miss the move out time and delay the other person moving in, you could get docked points if they tattle on you.”

Jiang Chen smiled. “No worries, he won’t rat on me, don’t worry.”

“How would you know? You haven’t met them.” Tang Hong was a bit skeptical.

“Haha, who says I haven’t? What seems far away is actually close at hand; Liu Wencai is the champion of the earth quadrant and has been assigned residence number 91. Wencai, will you rat me out?”

Liu Wencai also started laughing.

Tang Hong paused and then realized what was going on here. He chuckled in a silly manner and scratched his hair. “I hadn’t wrapped my mind around it yet, haha. Boss, you came here as the champion of the earth quadrant, and now younger brother Wencai is the new champion of the earth quadrant. This is a legacy of championship!”

Everyone burst out laughing.

“Wencai is truly strong. Tang Hong, you should spar with him every now and then if you have the opportunity to.” Jiang Chen looked at Tang Hong in a calculating manner.

That gaze put Tang Hong’s hairs on end. “Boss, I’m not a chick, what are you checking me out for?”

Jiang Chen paid no attention to him and just examined him for quite some time, finally nodding. “Tang Hong, your body is tall and stocky, you should actually have an interesting bloodline heritage on you as well. It’s a pity that you haven’t received the best resources from the Precious Tree Sect. Wencai, remember the beast blood I gave you last time?”

Liu Wencai’s tone turned solemn when he heard this, “Brother Boulder, it’s that beast blood that allowed me to be reborn. How could I ever forget?”

“Mm. Tang Hong is my brother and I can’t treat him poorly. I also plan to gift him a portion of beast blood. However, he doesn’t have the methods of your sect and likely lacks some knowledge in beast blood refining. I’d like you to give him some pointers and help him refine the blood.”

Tang Hong started, “Boss, what beast blood?”

Jiang Chen mused silently, light flashing through his eyes as he said in a low voice, “There’s no one else here, so I won’t keep this a secret from you guys. This blood is the blood of a saint rank creature.”

“What?!” Disbelief shone in Liu Wencai’s eyes as he trembled.

He had guessed that this beast was most likely at the peak of the spirit realm, but had never imagined that it was the blood of a saint rank creature!”

Tang Hong’s mind felt a bit fuzzy; it was a rather indescribable notion. However, he knew very well what a saint rank creature meant.

“No need for theatrics.” Jiang Chen waved his hands to contain their exaggerated reactions. “Wencai, do you think there’ll be difficulty to this?”

Liu Wencai said resolutely, “We’re all brothers here, what’s the difficulty in these small matters? Not to mention that refining beast blood isn’t anything to do with the secret arts of the sect.”

Tang Hong scratched his head, “Boss…”

“Tang Hong, to draw the biggest picture possible, you should be completely remade just like Wencai. Its smallest effects will also be enough to change your potential and remove the impurities within your body, greatly increasing your martial dao potential. This is something no medicine in the Precious Tree Sect can achieve.”

Tang Hong nodded woodenly, seemingly understanding Jiang Chen’s words, but also seemingly not. He knew that Jiang Chen was speaking of great matters, but he didn’t quite understand how.

Jiang Chen broke things down more clearly. “Let me put it this way. I met Liu Wencai in the mystic quadrant and became friends with him in the earth quadrant. In the earth quadrant, he’d been worrying that his cultivation was insufficient, and as a result be sent back to the mystic quadrant. But now, he’s arrived in the sky quadrant with great momentum, all within three short months. Tang Hong, tell me where you think Wencai’s current strength would rank in the sky quadrant.”

Tang Hong thought for a moment. “Ole brother Wencai’s strength is a bit less than mine, but there shouldn’t be much of a problem for him to rank in the top 30.”

Jiang Chen smiled. “I’m going to bet that he’s going to make it into the top 16 in three months, and keep going even higher than that!”

“That strong?” Tang Hong found that a bit hard to believe as he cocked his head and cast his gaze across Liu Wencai, skepticism writ all over his face.

“Tang Hong, you must believe that everyone has their own way. Wencai has found his path now, and I hope you find yours as soon as possible.”

Jiang Chen had some hints of encouragement in his tone. “Your strength now is a bit stronger than Wencai, but the potential in Wencai’s body is now far in excess of his peers. He wouldn’t be worse off at all when placed amongst the preeminent geniuses. Your potential is also quite good, but I feel that you’re a treasure vault yet to be fully excavated as well.”

Jiang Chen took out a vial of the Firelizard blood.

“You must refine a saint rank creature’s blood. You should consult Wencai on the best way to absorb things. He’s a Myriad Spirit Sect disciple and will have a great many ideas in this area.”

As simple as Tang Hong was, he knew that this was an immensely fortuitous occurrence as he accepted the beast blood. He spoke to Liu Wencai, “Ole brother Wencai, it’s not that I don’t trust in your strength, but that I really must see if this beast blood is that strong. Heh heh, if I can be like you, then I’ll really have made it! I’m going to step on all those bullshit geniuses!”

Tang Hong’s grudge against those preeminent geniuses wasn’t just a typical one.

“Tang Hong, Wencai can’t help you for free. You need to help him assimilate into the sky quadrant as soon as possible. Accompany him in farming points and help him make it into the top 64 at least.”

Tang Hong nodded ardently. “Heh heh, no problem at all. Ole brother Wencai, come! Have a seat in my residence.”

Jiang Chen also said, “Hey Wencai, this residence is yours now. I’m going to my new quarters.”

Jiang Chen’s score had risen crazily in this cycle, and he’d made it into the number eight spot. Therefore, his residence now had changed accordingly.


What he hadn’t anticipated was that Liu Wencai and Tang Hong had felt like old friends at their first meeting, and they’d become the most intimate of friends after a few days.

Liu Wencai helped Tang Hong refine the beast blood, and Tang Hong helped him farm points. Their smooth cooperation became a new scene in the sky quadrant.

Although Tang Hong’s changes weren’t as ridiculous as Liu Wencai’s after refining the beast blood, his transformation was still quite astonishing.

They first started with his body.

He was big and stocky to begin with, with a tiger’s back and bear’s waist, but his figure became even bigger, even more robust,  after refining the beast blood. His muscles looked like they’d been cast from liquid bronze, giving off a sense of explosive power.

Refining the beast blood also enabled Tang Hong to add a few traces of a wild beauty, which was was fully demonstrated on his frame.

Even Liu Wencai had to sigh. “Ole Tang, you shouldn’t have been a disciple of the Precious Tree Sect. You seem more like one of ours.”

Indeed, the ferocity exhibited by Tang Hong’s body was something that Liu Wencai very rarely saw even in Myriad Spirit Sect disciples.

As for Jiang Chen, he dearly wished that he could split each day into two for his use.

Refining the Fire Raven King core was indeed an enormous task.

It was a good thing that Jiang Chen had a great deal of knowledge and many methods that enabled him to slowly and tangibly break through as time went on.

He successfully broke through to the sixth level spirit realm, three days after Liu Wencai entered the sky quadrant.

However, the sixth level was no longer enough to satisfy Jiang Chen. His goal was the seventh level, the sky spirit realm!

The Raven King core held the essence of a lifetime of the Raven King’s cultivation. The abundance of its spirit power was far beyond Jiang Chen’s expectations.

Jiang Chen had many refinement methods and ideas to ensure that as little spirit power as possible would be wasted. He made great use of every drop of essence.

It was a good thing that Lei Gangyang’s previous plan of suppressing Jiang Chen was completely upended with the development of this accident.

No one had the time to spare for something like that now.

As time went on, the importance of the points would decrease more and more. Naturally, their interest in suppressing Jiang Chen decreased greatly.

However, Long Juxue was an exception.

That day in her residence, a pillar of splendor suddenly pierced the clouds, accompanied by the cry of a phoenix.

Long Juxue’s beautiful eyes opened, brimming with confidence as an aura of “I alone am supreme in this heaven and earth” flowed around her being.

An unforeseen radiance circled around Long Juxue, as light as smoke and as hazy as mist, making one feel minuscule in comparison.

The radiance slowly took the form of a wondrous air current, soaring and hovering over her head as if an azure phoenix.

“Is this the sky spirit realm?” Long Juxue slowly breathed out a mouthful of putrid air as her entire demeanor changed.

Her eyes became even more icy as her bearing became even more aloof.

There was a strong power in her phoenix eyes, as if she could freeze someone instantly.

The sky spirit realm!

When Long Juxue’s clarion phoenix call sounded throughout the entire sky quadrant, many candidates in cultivation were disturbed.

When they looked towards the source of the sound, they saw a patch of frosty power, and an aura soaring up to the stars.

“Mm? Spirit power soaring to the heavens, this is the aura of a sky spirit realm expert!” Shi Yunyun of the Flowing Wind Sect murmured softly to herself as she gazed at that aura.

“That direction, this clear whistle. Can it be that Long Juxue of the Purple Sun Sect has broken through?” First genius Luo Xi of the Myriad Spirit Sect had a grave look in his eyes, and didn’t speak for the longest time.

Lian Canghai of the Precious Tree Sect wore a look of shock on his gaunt and pale face. “The second sky spirit realm has been born in the Purple Sun Sect. Is this sect destined to claim all the glory in this selection?”

Lei Gangyang watched the icy splendor rise to the sky, a gravity present in his expression that had never been seen before. The muscles of his face also twitched slightly.

“Long Juxue, although you’ve broken through to the sky spirit realm, you’ll have to defeat me first if you want me to give up the title of first genius in the sect!”

Ceng Shi, the first disciple under Master Shuiyue, was dejected and heartbroken. “An innate constitution, the best sect resources, and the strongest fortune. I’ve followed the honored master for so many years but was replaced in a night by this woman. The path of martial dao is cruel indeed.”

Only Jiang Chen, standing in his residence, understood what was going on when he saw the commotion. “That b*tch Long Juxue, strutting around and flaunting her power. She’s trying to awe the other geniuses, isn’t she?”

Jiang Chen naturally knew that such a display wasn’t present when breaking through to the sky spirit realm. All of this was naturally something that Long Juxue had purposefully put on.

Her goal was more than obvious.

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