Chapter 387: The Plan to Assail the Sky Quadrant

Chapter 387: The Plan to Assail the Sky Quadrant

The four forefathers obviously had no interest in explaining anything. When one reached their level, they could completely disregard the thoughts and feelings of those beneath them.

What they had to do was to act in a way that was best for the greater picture.

What those beneath them could do was to provide absolute, absolute obedience.

Jiang Chen listened to them for a bit and he understood that there was nothing that could be done. He didn’t tarry as he silently retreated from the crowd and sped towards his own residence.

He felt that time was of the essence, and he no longer had any time left to waste.

Jiang Chen leisurely looked in the direction of the earth quadrant when he reached his door and sighed lightly. “Liu Wencai and Fatty Lu, if you’ve acquitted yourselves well, this cycle is your last chance. If you’re still unable to make it into the sky quadrant in this cycle, then you’ll have no chances to do that in the future.”

It was now the end of the third cycle, with only twenty to thirty days left.

If the earth quadrant candidates couldn’t make it into the top ten, they wouldn’t make it into the sky quadrant for the fourth cycle.

Since the three year selection...

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