Chapter 386: Unexpected News

Chapter 386: Unexpected News

Jiang Chen had been perplexed when he felt the shaking slowly subside, but he wasn’t afraid.

After a few life and death experiences, his strength of heart had been raised to the point where it wasn’t affected by outside interference.

The Rat King hopped out before long.

“Young master, there are no oddities below ground. It shouldn’t have been an earthquake. Perhaps it was ripples from the restrictions in the formation outside the mountain?”

The Rat King patently knew of the wonders of the mountain and understood that there were many ancient and powerful restrictions in the Eternal Spirit Mountain. He hadn’t dared drill about randomly.

Jiang Chen mused briefly in his yard and felt that if this had been triggered by the restrictions in the formation outside of the mountain, then there was nothing he could do about it.

“These aren’t things I should worry about. No need to pay any attention to them. I need to focus on cultivation. Even if the sky were to cave in, the four great sects will be there to shoulder it.”

Jiang Chen entered his residence and continued sitting down cross-legged...

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