Chapter 384: Elder Shun and Huang’er Appear Again

Chapter 384: Elder Shun and Huang’er Appear Again

They’d been biased towards the top geniuses and blacklisted the secular genius before out of a simple choice.

In their eyes, there was no way the secular genius could measure up to the preeminent sect geniuses.

However, the various talents that the secular genius had continuously uncovered had slowly upended their prejudices.

They’d thought that the secular genius lacked in martial cultivation because he’d kept avoiding that area.

For one lacking in martial cultivation, no matter how strong his other talents were, he was destined to be marginalized in the world of martial dao where the strong reigned supreme. He would never become the main character.

However, the secular genius’ actions had once again overturned their understanding!

He’d charged singlehandedly into the meeting of the most brilliant geniuses.

He’d fought first seed Lei Gangyang to a standstill amidst chatter and laughter.

He’d arrived calmly and left stylishly.

Like a malicious blade, the mocking words he’d left behind carved out an internal demon in the hearts of those prideful geniuses.

Indeed, the geniuses had been jeered as trash, but were bereft of the...

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