Chapter 383: Arriving Calmly, Leaving Stylishly

Chapter 383: Arriving Calmly, Leaving Stylishly

Jiang Chen’s arrival this time was only to demonstrate his power, and not to actually harm anyone. After exchanging blows with Lei Gangyang, he laughed coldly and swept his gaze across the faces of those assembled, seeming to want to commit these faces to memory.

“Whichever one of you unafraid of death, come challenge me. I’m waiting for you! Although, let me remind you to be thoroughly prepared to die before entering the ring!”

He laughed loudly and flipped over the wall, vanishing from their line of sight.

His laughter shook the heavens as it transformed into a howl of epic proportions, instantly filling the mountains and plains and carrying throughout the entire sky quadrant.

“What a bunch of trash! I come and go as I will, what can you lot do about it?”

Lei Gangyang was enraged as he dashed out the door. Long Juxue followed in hot pursuit.

However, all was quiet and at peace outside, without the shadow of a single person. As the echoes of his laugh reverberated in the mountain valley, Jiang Chen had vanished without a trace.

Lei Gangyang and Long Juxue looked at each...

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