Chapter 382: Jiang Chen Barges Into the Meeting

Chapter 382: Jiang Chen Barges Into the Meeting

When Lei Gangyang saw no objections, he nodded and proceeded in a stern, weighty tone. “Since this is the case, I advocate making a move to suppress him. From today forth, each day our sects will send forth two people to challenge other candidates until we meet him in battle. Everyone knows what to do when they meet him in battle, correct?”

With the four sects sending out two people each, that would be eight total people everyday. Issuing challenges at this pace every single day meant that there was a high chance that they would meet Jiang Chen in battle.

Perhaps not the first day, but the second… third…

They would meet one day, even if it stretched out as far as the tenth or twentieth day.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air when they heard Lei Gangyang’s words. He intended to brutally deal the killing blow!

Once again, Long Juxue was the first to step out in support. “I support senior brother Gangyang. That fellow is cocky beyond belief and cannot be allowed to continue like this. The time we come across him him will surely come if we take turns issuing challenges. I, Long Juxue, hereby proclaim that should I meet him in...

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