Chapter 382: Jiang Chen Barges Into the Meeting

Chapter 382: Jiang Chen Barges Into the Meeting

When Lei Gangyang saw no objections, he nodded and proceeded in a stern, weighty tone. “Since this is the case, I advocate making a move to suppress him. From today forth, each day our sects will send forth two people to challenge other candidates until we meet him in battle. Everyone knows what to do when they meet him in battle, correct?”

With the four sects sending out two people each, that would be eight total people everyday. Issuing challenges at this pace every single day meant that there was a high chance that they would meet Jiang Chen in battle.

Perhaps not the first day, but the second… third…

They would meet one day, even if it stretched out as far as the tenth or twentieth day.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air when they heard Lei Gangyang’s words. He intended to brutally deal the killing blow!

Once again, Long Juxue was the first to step out in support. “I support senior brother Gangyang. That fellow is cocky beyond belief and cannot be allowed to continue like this. The time we come across him him will surely come if we take turns issuing challenges. I, Long Juxue, hereby proclaim that should I meet him in battle, I will strive my utmost to kill him in the ring and not allow him to walk out of it alive!”

“I too am willing to participate!” Ceng Shi stood up to say.

Lei Gangyang smiled faintly, “I’m the one who called for the meeting and naturally can’t sit idly by. I started this and therefore will also take a stand. What do the other three sects say?”

There were three willing to step out from the Purple Sun Sect, this meant that the way out for the other three sects was sealed off. My Purple Sun Sect is so proactive, are you going to sit idly by and enjoy the fruits of our labor?

Lian Canghai thought momentarily before raising his hand. “Count me in I guess.”

Iron Dazhi also spoke up when he saw Lian Canghai express his views. “Me as well.”

Lei Gangyang actually wasn’t that pleased to see Iron Dazhi join. After all, he was the dregs of the Precious Tree Sect geniuses. He rather wanted to see Xie Yufan come out.

However, he needed proactive people at the moment. Iron Dazhi fit the bill, and Lei Gangyang wasn’t quite in a position to turn him down.

On the Flowing Wind Sect side, Shi Yunyun chuckled. “I will do my best and try since Daoist Gangyang has spoken thus. However, I cannot promise how I’ll do.”

Lei Gangyang was unhappy about this. You’ve already thought of the way out before the challenge has even begun, this is obvious non-cooperation.

On the Myriad Spirit Sect side, Luo Xi pointed at two people beside him. “I have no interest in this. Let my two junior brothers participate.”

When Lei Gangyang saw that one of them was fobbing him off with an excuse, and the other was just flat out not participating, he was quite ticked off and said coldly, “Is little brother Luo seeking to profit off our labor?”

“Profit off your labor?” Luo Xi smiled faintly. “Elder brother Lei can stop right there. I’d rather like to see where the limits of the secular genius are.”

“Humph, his limits end here!”

Although Luo Xi was unwilling to make a move, Lei Gangyang didn’t force him. There were plenty willing to take action at the moment, and they were all the top geniuses in the sky quadrant.

Any one of them ought be enough to crush that secular genius.

Tang Hong suddenly started laughing loudly. “Fascinating, how fascinating! Look at all your ugly behaviors. How ludicrous, how hilarious!”

“What a bullshit meeting of the most high. Suppressing all dissidents and thinking only of your own profit. These so-called geniuses are all shit!”

Tang Hong threw his head back in laughter as he walked out the door.

He couldn’t hold it in anymore. This so-called meeting was just a bunch of selfish geniuses discussing how to suppress an outsider.

Tang Hong was embarrassed to keep such company.

Lei Gangyang’s eyebrows arched when he heard these words and killing intent exploded in his eyes.

“Lian Canghai, is there no one amongst the geniuses of your sect who can subdue that foolish brute?”

Lian Canghai said faintly, “He’s always been a loner and does things his own way. I have no relations with him.”

“Humph. Since you’ve said so, if he makes an offense and ends up in my sect’s hands one day, don’t you go pointing fingers or lecturing me then.” Lei Gangyang responded frostily.

“If he gives offense, that’s him courting death. What does that have to do with me?” Lian Canghai answered indifferently.

Luo Xi smiled faintly and cupped his hands at everyone. “Folks, you have much to discuss. I am not participating in this and will take my leave now.”

“We will be taking our leave as well.” Those who hadn’t volunteered all excused themselves.

Soon, only the challengers were left on the premises.

Lei Gangyan’s gaze swept over everyone’s face. “Everyone, since we’ve decided to make a move, we should not have mercy. Although our challenges will be selected randomly everyday, we will pick him one day. I only hope…”

Lei Gangyang’s ears suddenly twitched before he could finish his words and his eyes shot out a beam of light into the air. He shouted, “Who is it!”

“Are you Lei Gangyang?” A nonchalant voice sounded indifferently in the air.

A figure suddenly appeared in the air and sat leisurely on the wall. Its hands were tied around the knees appearing without a care.

“How dare you trespass on my private property?! Get down here to die!”

A cold killing intent shot out of Lei Gangyang’s eyes as he waved his large palm. A strong current of qi that seemed like yang energy from the stars themselves charged forth like a dragon.

There were actually traces of electric snakes in this devastatingly masculine blow. It encompassed the dao of thunder within it.

“The Gangyang Thundersnake!” Shu Yunyun exclaimed. “I’ve heard that Daoist Gangyang possesses the thunder constitution. It looks like the rumors are true!”

When the figure on the wall saw this domineering blow shoot towards him, it smiled faintly and made a grasping motion, as if  to catch this blow with its hands.

When Lei Gangyang saw the other was so self-confident, he grinned and laughed coldly coldly.

This kid wants to die alright. Although I’ve only used fifty to sixty percent of my strength in this blow, it embodies the mighty dao of thunder. Let’s wait and see his hand get burned to a crisp when he catches this blow!

“Mm?” This thought had just flashed through Lei Gangyang’s mind but his face darkened in the next moment, an incredulous look appearing on it.

The other had made a grasping motion, and although his body had swayed slightly, it was as if Lei Gangyang’s blow had been swallowed by a formless power when it’d rushed to the other’s palm. It was snuffed out like the flame of a candle.


Lei Gangyang was stunned. He was very confident in his own strength and looked forward to burning the other’s hand to a crisp with this blow. He hadn’t even imagined that i’d be easily neutralized instead.

The person on the wall was naturally Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen laughed and spoke indifferently, “Is this the strength of the so-called first genius? It’s only so-so. I’ve heard that all of you are gathered here to to take turns in the ring until you meet me in battle?”

“Kid, you’re courting death!”

When had Lei Gangyang lost face in front of his peers? He had indeed underestimated his opponent a bit just now and hadn't used his full strength, which was why it’d been countered and he’d been mocked instead.

This was an enormous humiliation for Lei Gangyang.

His body flashed as he transformed into a red blur, shooting out like a ball of ferocious flames.

“Watch my blows!”

Jiang Chen raised his arms and shot out two Fire Raven King tail feathers!

“Humph, break!” Lei Gangyang punched out with his left and right hands and swept the two attacks away. The speed of his body didn’t slow down however, and he shot swiftly towards Jiang Chen.

“Kid, you were the one who brought yourself here in search of death, don’t blame me!”

Lei Gangyang leered as his aura billowed once again. He shot upwards and punched out.

Jiang Chen laughed loudly, “Well met!”


An astonishing blade beam suddenly shot through the heavens as Jiang Chen mustered all the strength in his body. With both hands clasped around the saber, he circulated all his power to chop down viciously.

He hadn’t dodged or evaded, but had met the seventh level spirit realm Lei Gangyang head on!

Of course, Jiang Chen hadn’t acted brashly, but had started making his calculations as soon as Lei Gangyang had made his move. The attacks from the two tail feathers had been a distraction to buy himself some more time to prepare.

The true meaning of the “Vast Ocean Current Splitter” had been incorporated into the blade. Upon meeting a fierce opponent in battle, the potential of the saber had been thoroughly unleashed.

Jiang Chen had been making his preparations all along, deploying the magnetic power to form several invisible force fields, then called upon the power of metal essence and melded it into this stroke.

It could be said that this stroke had completely surpassed the original level of comprehension in the “Vast Ocean Current Splitter” thanks to all sorts of practice and ascension.

The stroke chopped down ferociously, with an unparalleled momentum, at the peak of its power.


Lei Gangyang felt his boxing aura suddenly slowed down by a shapeless power.

This slowing decreased his strength to sixty, seventy percent of his original blow.

Jiang Chen’s ferocious stroke had also arrived at this moment.

The two great bouts of strength crashed fiercely into each other.

Lei Gangyang was attacking upwards and was in a disadvantageous position to begin with. In addition, with his boxing aura had been reduced to sixty or seventy percent by the shapeless forcefield, not only did he not gain the upper hand when the punch and stroke met, but he was actually momentarily suppressed by that strong blade aura.

The stroke with exceedingly strong piercing powers had actually borne through the clash and was aiming for his vitals!

Lei Gangyang was greatly shocked as his left hand drew out a crescent, protecting his vitals. He hastily backed up and landed on the ground, stumbling a few steps backwards while

Jiang Chen flipped a few times in the air from the power behind the punch. Once again landing on the wall, his chest rose unevenly as he felt his blood frothing.

“Seventh level spirit realm is worthy of its reputation alright.” Jiang Chen calmed down his churning blood with several deep breaths, regaining control over himself. He felt some admiration for Lei Gangyang’s strength.

Ever since he’d set foot on this path, Jiang Chen had rarely come off worse in an exchange, even when he challenged those stronger than himself.

Today however, he’d used his blade and all his strength to barely manage to dispel one of the other’s punches. It looked like geniuses of the seventh level were indeed domineering.

If Jiang Chen was hugely taken aback, then Lei Gangyang was the epitome of shock. He’d never thought that his fierce punch would result in but a draw and wouldn’t harm the other at all. Although he’d been attacking upwards and had been in a tough position, this was still hard for him to accept.

If Lei Gangyang was shocked, then Long Juxue and Ceng Shi were also completely shaken. Long Juxue in particular—astonishment shot through her eyes as a hint of fear finally settled in her heart.

Ever since she’d entered the Purple Sun Sect, her cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds as her potential had been tapped to its utmost. After a while, she subconsciously felt that Jiang Chen was destined to roll around and grovel in the mundane world, destined to decadence. As such, she would be able to easily trample him the next time she met him.

It was only at this moment that she clearly realized this had all been just her daydreams.

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