Chapter 381: The Top Geniuses Convene

Chapter 381: The Top Geniuses Convene

A tall, strong, and bald young man sat crossed legged in the center of a spacious residence wearing golden colored armor. His features were clearly defined, as if having been chiseled out by blades and axes to the latest detail. He gave others a strong feeling of awe when they looked upon him, and had a naturally imposing aura without exerting himself to any effort.

His name was Lei Gangyang, and he was the most accomplished of the younger generation in the Purple Sun Sect.

Even Long Juxue, who had an innate constitution, didn’t dare put herself higher than Lei Gangyang’s at the moment. The strength of his aura was thus apparent.

She and Ceng Shi were both standing on his left side. Another three youngsters were standing on his right side. Judging from their postures, they had no qualms about Lei Gangyang’s role as the leader of the younger generation in the sect.

These six were ranked in the top six of the Purple Sun Sect.

Therefore, it had been Lei Gangyang’s right without a doubt, to call for this meeting this time.

Representatives from the other three sects were all present, with the exception of Tang Hong,. However, one could...

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