Chapter 380: A Meeting of the Most High

Chapter 380: A Meeting of the Most High

Jiang Chen completed three cycles of challenges in a short half month. He could reap 310 points from each advancement of level one to level five. Three cycles of these challenges meant that he’d farmed 930 points. In this way, his scores kept shooting up. Add to that his original 1,640 points, this meant that he had an astonishing 2,750 points a month and a half after setting foot in the sky quadrant!

Although this score was still a bit off from those premier geniuses, the difference was within a 1,000 points.

This meant that if Jiang Chen continued with this momentum, his score would reach an eye popping 5,000 points.

This score was absolutely enough to crush all the top geniuses.

The entire quadrant sank into a bewildering atmosphere of panic in an instant.

They felt that this secular genius was a natural shit-stirrer, making everyone quail with fright inside.

“This fellow is here to purposefully kick up a fuss, isn’t he? Will he only be satisfied when he throws the entire sky quadrant into an uproar?”

“Sigh, why would you say this? The pill area has banned him, so it’s normal for him to go to the strength of heart area instead. Your words are a little out of line.”

“What words did I say that are out of line? He’s a secular cultivator, so what right does he have to cockily prance around like this? He’s just purposefully slapping the faces of us sect geniuses!”

“I don’t think he even knows who you are, how would he be able to slap your face? Who the hell are you anyways? Not to mention that he’s farming points whilst keeping a low profile, making use of only his own talents. If you’re that good, you take the field then. Stop mouthing off when you’ve got no abilities yourself.”

If one were to say that Jiang Chen had elicited quite a lot of enmity with his crazy actions in the pill area, then his heaven-defying performance in the heart of strength area had won him a lot of supporters who’d remained neutral before.

A genius who’d exhibited such insane results in both areas was a true genius.

In the world of martial dao, the strong were venerated and respected.

Jiang Chen’s crazy performance had slowly won him respect.

However, this kind of respect mostly came from the candidates ranked in the 50th percentile. Those ranked towards the front, and even the premier geniuses loathed Jiang Chen even more for his performance.

In their eyes, this secular freak genius was absolutely flaunting his abilities at them!

If he was allowed to proceed like this, then everyone’s names would be beneath his feet after a month and they would all be resigned to being left behind in the dust.

In the sky quadrant, Long Juxue stood in her residence with a cold light dancing in her eyes.

“This dumb animal thinks it isn’t enough that he’s been suppressed once? He doesn’t seem afraid of death as he’s stood out once again to claim the limelight. He is seeking death indeed!”

Although those were her thoughts, she vaguely felt that if Jiang Chen was allowed to develop like this, he would become a threat.

“This filthy swine has astounding potential in pills, but what is going on with his strength of heart? What right does the son of a second rate duke have to be possessing such strong strength of heart and farming points in the strength of heart area with ease?”

Long Juxue knew herself that although with her innate constitution, she would at most challenge a level four mission in the heart of strength area. The risks would be great if she took on a level five mission.

For a premier genius at Long Juxue’s level, the differences between each of their rankings were exceedingly small. No one wanted to take the risk to challenge a level five mission.

This was because a level five mission was so difficult that if she accidentally failed it, she would be docked 160 points. This was absolutely unacceptable to a premier genius.

Their rankings would be swiftly left behind if 160 points were deducted in one go.

Therefore, no one had wanted to bring so much strength to bear given that it was only the third cycle of the twelve cycles in three years.

They all wanted to keep their reserves and keep adding to their foundation, bringing it all to bear later on in a sprint.

The premier geniuses had an unspoken accord between them previously, a balance that no one was willing to stand out and break. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to, but that no one had the particular confidence to do so.

However, the appearance of new factor Jiang Chen had completely stirred up the situation of the sky quadrant.

It would be difficult for them to continue holding much in reserve. It was only a matter of time before Jiang Chen surpassed them if they didn’t exert themselves.

There existed differences between the geniuses and there were often small changes in their rankings. This was within a range acceptable to all.

But if Jiang Chen’s insane speed in grinding out points was allowed to continue, he would likely leave everyone far behind in the dust in another three months. By then, it would be impossible to catch up to him.

“Mm? What’s this?” Long Juxue reached out a hand and snatched out a message glyph. A trace of a cold smile appeared on her lips after she opened the glyph. “It looks like that bastard has already aroused public anger. A meeting of the most high? It looks like even the most preeminent geniuses of the sky quadrant can’t continue sitting idly by anymore. This gathering will certainly have something to do with that dumb animal Jiang Chen. I must go and  participate!”

A meeting of the most high was a gathering between the most preeminent geniuses in the sky quadrant.

To be frank, it was just a gathering in which the top geniuses came together to shoot the breeze.

However, the requirements necessary to enter this gathering were quite high. Only the top sixteen ranked in the sky quadrant had the right to enter.

The top sixteen mapped to the final sixteen from the selection.

This meant that this gathering of the most high was one in which they’d hardened their hearts to solidify their grip on these top sixteen spots.

Four spots on average were divvied out to each sect, but the actual numbers that fell to each sect weren’t that even.

The Purple Sun Sect for instance, occupied a full six of them.

The Precious Tree Sect had four, and the Flowing Wind Sect and Myriad Spirit Sect only had three each.


Tang Hong had also received an invite to this gathering in his residence.

“A gathering of the most high? The feck is this about? This group of bastards likely can’t sit still again and are probably cooking up some scheme against boss.”

He still decided to go take a look and discern the situation however. His personality was the sort of being unafraid of the heavens and earth. Even though he knew that it was very likely he’d be ostracized by others if he went, he was still wholly unafraid. He had the mindset of I will still proceed forth boldly even in the face of mountains of blades and oceans of fire, even to cave of a tiger orthe lair of a dragon!

Tang Hong ranked solidly in the top three amongst the Precious Tree Sect.

His strength was firmly in the top twelve in the entire sky quadrant, and was sometimes even able to make it into the top ten. Therefore, even if he was a complete jerk, he was someone who wouldn’t be ignored in this gathering of the most high.

Otherwise, this gathering would fail to live up to its name.


In the examiner’s area, the examiners had once again gathered together. It was obvious that Jiang Chen’s perverse performance had handed them a thorny problem again.

“To think that this secular genius would be such a well-rounded talent. He can grind out points so easily even in the strength of heart area. It looks like we’ve underestimated this genius.”

“Humph, given how things have developed, so what if we’ve underestimated them? We’ve already done so once, why worry about doing it again? Just blacklist him again. What can a secular disciple do?” The Purple Sun Sect disciple, Master Shuiyue’s junior brother, once again jumped up to hoist high this particular flag.

“Heh heh, such noble words of blacklisting him again.” An examiner with a cold expression laughed frostily. “It was already beyond bounds to commit such a shameless act once. How do you plan on stoppering the mouths of all those beneath the heavens if you do so again?”

“Stopper? Is there such a need? The word of the four sects has been the law in the sixteen kingdom alliance since ancient time. Their mouths? The feck is that.”

“Alright, your Purple Sun Sect has always been domineering. Since you have so much confidence, blacklist him again then. I opposed this matter before and I still oppose it now. I must say that you’re killing a rising genius.”

“What bullshit genius? If he’s a real genius, why doesn’t he request a mission in the martial dao area? The pills area and strength of heart—only martial dao triumphs in the end. Since he’s unable to display his prowess in the martial dao area, that makes him a fake genius!” Master Shuiyue’s junior brother had a look of disdain on his face.

“There is sense in these words. In the world of martial dao, only strength is the true way. If he cannot prove himself in the area of martial dao, then I feel that he still does not possess enough ability to set foot into the ranks of the top geniuses!”

“Indeed, we cannot dishearten all the top geniuses just for a mere unorthodox genius. It’s said that they’ve even summoned a meeting of the most high this time. It looks like they plan on allying together to suppress this secular freak!”

“This candidate’s potential is indeed astounding, but it’s a pity that he was short sighted and didn’t know to hide his shine in light of the greater picture. He is destined to fall after offending all the top geniuses. What a pity, such a pity.”

The examiner with the cold expression obviously held different opinions from everyone else. He smiled faintly, “You think that he will fall, but I happen to think that he will become the bane of all geniuses.”

“Alright, let’s stop arguing. The key issue we have to decide upon now is just what should we do?” An examiner sitting in the middle asked with a frown.

“No need for further discussion. Blacklist him! Continue to blacklist him!”

“Yes, his actions are an obvious mockery of our authority. We cannot allow this to continue!”

“Just blacklist him already!”

Apart from the examiner with the cold expression, all the other examiners all seemed to share the same opinions. Some of them were dead set on blacklisting Jiang Chen, whereas although a few others felt that it was inappropriate, they still chose to blindly follow the rest.

The examiner’s face was livid and he didn’t speak a word.


Jiang Chen had also received word from Tang Hong in his residence and knew that the premier geniuses were holding some sort of meeting of the most high.

However, this was of no consequence to Jiang Chen.

Having trained the “Boulder’s Heart” to the twelfth level, he was easily able to handle all varieties of change. His dao heart was as strong as iron and impervious to external interference.

“Humph! A meeting of the most high? A bunch of frogs at the bottom of a well. A mere sixteen kingdom alliance with a tiny bit of holding, and they dare call themselves the most high? What a joke!”

From Jiang Chen’s perspective, this was indeed the laughable actions that only a bunch of people with limited outlook were capable of.

“If my speculations are correct, those so-called examiners will be blacklisting me in the strength of heart area as well. Heh heh, it looks like I should make my preparations to go to the comprehensive area next to farm points soon.”

He was purposefully evading the martial dao area not because he was afraid, but because he wanted to take a walk through all the other areas before going to the martial dao area.

The moment he deigned to descend upon that area was the moment that all those geniuses would cower beneath his feet!

A beam of bright light suddenly shot out from his eyes.

All sorts of unfair treatment had transformed into an explosive bout of energy, waiting to be released from his body. Once it did, it would turn this sky quadrant upside down!

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