Chapter 380: A Meeting of the Most High

Chapter 380: A Meeting of the Most High

Jiang Chen completed three cycles of challenges in a short half month. He could reap 310 points from each advancement of level one to level five. Three cycles of these challenges meant that he’d farmed 930 points. In this way, his scores kept shooting up. Add to that his original 1,640 points, this meant that he had an astonishing 2,750 points a month and a half after setting foot in the sky quadrant!

Although this score was still a bit off from those premier geniuses, the difference was within a 1,000 points.

This meant that if Jiang Chen continued with this momentum, his score would reach an eye popping 5,000 points.

This score was absolutely enough to crush all the top geniuses.

The entire quadrant sank into a bewildering atmosphere of panic in an instant.

They felt that this secular genius was a natural shit-stirrer, making everyone quail with fright inside.

“This fellow is here to purposefully kick up a fuss, isn’t he? Will he only be satisfied when he throws the entire sky quadrant into an uproar?”

“Sigh, why would you say this? The pill area has banned him, so it’s normal for him to go to the strength of heart area instead. Your words are a little out of line....

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