Chapter 378: I’ll Make the Rules One Day

Chapter 378: I’ll Make the Rules One Day

Word of the examiners’ accord quickly traveled out.

One of their representatives came to find Jiang Chen at his residence, explaining everything to him.

Jiang Chen was taken aback, and his tone suddenly dropped when he finished listening to the examiner. “Master examiner, to make things simple, you mean that I can’t continue requesting missions in the pill area in the future, is that so?”

“Indeed. You’ll be able to spend only a week out of a month in the pill area in the future. This is an decision reached by all the examiners after thorough discussion.” The examiner nodded and was quite forthright about things. He didn’t worry that this secular genius would have any backlash. Since it was a decision by the collective whole, there was nothing to be done even if he felt strongly about it.

Jiang Chen smiled coldly, “So even though I haven’t broken the rules, you can just suppress me whenever you want to, is it?”

“Don’t think too much about it. Although it’s a bit unfair to you, this is also for the greater picture. Besides, it’s a sort of protection for you as well.”

“Protection?” Jiang Chen laughed....

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