Chapter 376: Catching Up At Top Speed

Chapter 376: Catching Up At Top Speed

“He’s out!” Some sharp-eyed fellow called out.

All gazes shifted over to that direction in unison.

Only ten hours had passed, he was out already?

Tang Hong’s enormous feet stomped over, pushing aside the people in his way. He took a look and saw that the person who’d come out was indeed Jiang Chen.

“Boss!” Tang Hong’s eyes widened as his heart sank. It wasn’t a good sign that he’d come out this early.

What did ending a level five mission early mean?

Jiang Chen also blinked when he saw the sixty or so people gathered in the lobby. He looked at Tang Hong and then pointed at those in the lobby. “What’s going on here?”

Tang Hong chuckled, “They’re all here to watch the show since they heard you requested a level five mission.”

“Well, boss? Didja crush it?” Tang Hong was a quite agitated as his large hands were clenched into fists, light shining out of his eyes.

Jiang Chen nodded, “The level five mission is rather a bit interesting.”

“Eh? Whaddya mean interesting? Did you succeed or not?” Tang Hong scratched his head full of straw-like hair and asked forthrightly.

When the others saw that Jiang Chen had nodded and then said...

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