Chapter 374: Unprecedented, Level Five Mission

Chapter 374: Unprecedented, Level Five Mission

Jiang Chen was rather satisfied by this point accumulation rate.

However, what he didn’t know was that his title as a freak genius had made the rounds among all the pill area examiners overnight.

All the examiners had heard of his phenomenal accomplishments by now.

He’d beaten the proud and unbridled Tang Hong in a bet, and the latter was now wholeheartedly become the freak genius’ follower.

He’d crashed through a level two mission as if splitting bamboo, completing it in fifteen minutes when allotted two hours, and completed it in stunning fashion, with no flaws to be found at all.

He’d then displayed divine potential in the third mission; Eight examiners had used 32 hours to finish simulating a mission, but he’d used only two hours to thoroughly do so by himself.

What was this if not divine-class potential?

When Jiang Chen appeared again the next day, he was greeted by the complicated gaze from an examiner. There were hints of appraisal in the examiner’s eyes, as well as subtle traces of anticipation.

“What level mission? Four?” When Jiang Chen handed...

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