Chapter 373: Divine Class Potential

Chapter 373: Divine Class Potential

Repressing a belly full of rage, the examiner gave a level three mission token to Jiang Chen, laughing coldly, “Room 68, go there yourself.”

Jiang Chen’s expression was remote as he took possession of the mission token, heading for room 68. He could naturally make out from the examiner’s malicious attitude that he was likely from the Purple Sun Sect.

With Master Shuiyue as a previous example however, the examiner would only be making trouble for himself if he tried to do anything in the exams.

Others had requested the level three mission in the pill area before, but an instance would only occur once every few days.

When all of the candidates in the great hall heard that the secular genius had requested this mission, they cast sideways glances at each other and put their heads together, thinking that this was incredible.

“This secular genius is simply too cocky! He went for a level three mission? Is he really treating this subject as his own backyard, for him to play around in however he’d like?”

“Level three mission? He’s going to run out in a second with...

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