Chapter 372: Easily Completing the Level Two mission

Chapter 372: Easily Completing the Level Two mission

The exams of the comprehensive area were an assorted collection, but they all had to do with martial dao.

It was as Tang Hong had said; this exam was basically a free ride, nor was it that difficult.

The exams that Jiang Chen selected weren’t too challenging, having to do with formations and refining weapons. He was well-versed in this exams of area and obtained the 25 points.

Tang Hong had likewise not met with any problems.

The two of them met in the lobby, and Tang Hong grinned. “Let’s go to the pills area?”

“Sure, why not?” Jiang Chen laughed heartily.

Tang Hong had more confidence in the area of strength of heart and pills. But comparatively speaking, he had the most confidence in the area of pills.

Those who’d come to the area of pills were mostly Precious Tree Sect disciples.

They didn’t run into that disappointing fellow Iron Dazhi this time, however.

“I’m requesting a level one mission.” Tang Hong said.

“I’m requesting a level two mission.” Jiang Chen felt that a level one mission wouldn’t have any difficulty to it and decided to go straight for level...

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