Chapter 371: Jiang Chen’s Plan to Grind Out Points

Chapter 371: Jiang Chen’s Plan to Grind Out Points

Jiang Chen had previously guessed that their points were certainly over a thousand. But it looked like he’d still underestimated their speed in grinding out points.

When he saw Jiang Chen remain silent after hearing those words, Tang Hong—someone who had never known how to comfort someone, actually said, “Don’t worry boss. With your potential in strength of heart and pills, you’ll earn lots of points quickly.”

Jiang Chen, however, wasn’t worried about this. He was planning on the best way to earn these points.

“Tang Hong, normally speaking, what’s the fastest way to earn points in the advanced stage?”

“If your strength is strong and battle abilities astounding, then challenge others. You gain 20 points for every victory and lose 20 for every loss. Those ranked in the top for battle strength challenge others everyday, so they gain points very quickly.”

Tang Hong had obviously come up short in this area before and muttered angrily. “To hell with them. Those brutes just have more resources, treasures, and that little bit of superior cultivation. They make use of this to...

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