Chapter 370: Always Ready for a Beating Huh?

Chapter 370: Always Ready for a Beating Huh?

Although Tang Hong now recognized Jiang Chen as his boss, the irritation in his heart had yet to be placated after losing a competition. He naturally wouldn’t do so in front of his boss.

Iron Dazhi, however, had suddenly barged in out of nowhere. Judging from his foolish demeanor, he wanted to make Tang Hong his underling!

This made Tang Hong feel deeply offended. This Iron Dazhi was a good-for-nothing who depended on the protection of his family’s elders. He was complete trash in Tang Hong’s eyes!

This kid dared throw his weight around in front of Tang Hong?

He kept cracking his knuckles audibly.

“Iron Dazhi, you’re always freaking ready for a beating, huh? Don’t think I’m too wuss to hit you just because you have a powerful grandfather.”

Iron Dazhi blinked. He’d come storming out of his closed-door cultivation with quite a strong momentum. He’d always felt himself somewhat weaker than Tang Hong before.

But this time’s training had seen him break through sixth level spirit realm and receive the Iron family legacy. When compared to Tang Hong now, he would only...

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