Chapter 369: Lackey for Life

Chapter 369: Lackey for Life

“The second exam, matching spirit medicines. As we all know, there are medicines that naturally counteract or complement each other. A qualified pill refiner must have sophisticated knowledge in the area of matching. Otherwise, if he doesn't even know how to match spirit medicines, or doesn’t even understand whether medicines are a good fit for each other, then it will be impossible for him to become a strong pill refiner.”

The examiner smiled. “There are 32 kinds of spirit medicines in the second exam. Please match them accordingly. Remember, they won’t necessarily be matched in pairs. This exam tests your knowledge of medicine effects and the understanding of how they might complement each other or not.”

This were all basic knowledge that a pill refiner would know. It wasn't unfamiliar to either Jiang Chen or Tang Hong.

Tang Hong had a look of eagerness on his face. After his loss in the first exam, his battle spirit had been fired up and he was filled with even more competitive spirit.

This was a person who battled even more fiercely in adverse conditions.

Jiang Chen was noncommittal, maintaining...

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