Chapter 367: The Betting Madman

Chapter 367: The Betting Madman

When Jiang Chen arrived at the area for testing strength of heart, he noticed that not many participants had arrived yet.

The examination area was a tower.

There were nine levels to the towers, and the way of testing for all five exams in the area was to climb from the first floor to the fifth, finding a jade pendant with the same number as your own token.

Completing this task in the allotted time would win you 25 points. Those who didn’t make it would have their points calculated with where they ended up at.

If a candidate lost their way, they would gain no points. Making it past the first floor would award you five points.

This exam of the heart was a bit similar to the Path of Rebirth that Jiang Chen had experienced in the first selection.

However, the architecture of this tower was different to the Path of Rebirth. More accurately speaking, the tower used space formations to craft all sorts of situations in which dimensions randomly intersected with each other, making it hard for those within to find the real path.

This kind of method that folded space was one that touched on the various divine...

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