Chapter 366: Obtaining Points

Chapter 366: Obtaining Points

They’d already finished an invisible exchange of blows in the instant their eyes met.

The face-off between rivals!

Their hearts were full of understanding in this moment.

Long Juxue was convinced that this secular candidate was Jiang Chen.

Likewise, Jiang Chen was certain that Long Juxue had already identified him.

Long Juxue’s killing intent surged, whereas Jiang Chen remained coolly composed.

The clash between rivals was over in a flash, but a victor wasn’t clear. Tidal waves of emotions grew in their hearts.

Long Juxue was surprised, “Just what kind of lucky occurrences did this dumb animal run into? My eyes had encompassed the formless aura of the azure phoenix, but it wasn’t enough to shake his dao heart at all. This dumb animal has such strong strength of heart?”

Jiang Chen was also reflecting, “This scorpion hearted woman seems to be quite treasured in the Purple Sun Sect. It’s only been a three short years, but she’s already at the peak of the earth spirit realm. This rate of improvement is faster than mine!”

Although Jiang Chen was surprised, he knew this was to be expected. The only advantage he had against Long Juxue was the experiences...

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