Chapter 365: Meeting Long Juxue Again

Chapter 365: Meeting Long Juxue Again

By the time Jiang Chen had thoroughly digested the rules, he’d also formed a basic plan of attack.

“I must seek to obtain all of the hundred foundation points. I can also appropriately issue some challenges. The most steady way of going about things is to apply for the regular missions. A first level mission results in ten points, and they can be run everyday. As for the special missions, although they award a lot of points and have no risk of losing points, they only come around at most once a month. They’re something I can only hope to run into.”

“I’ve only just started; I must seek to do things steadily, and not blunder about with brute force.”

Jiang Chen set down a plan for himself. He was starting from scratch with no foundation, so taking things slowly but surely was the way forward.

“Having completed two cycles already, the candidates in the sky quadrant must’ve amassed quite a few points already. My starting point is already far behind these fellows. It’s good thing that only half a year has passed out of the three years. I still have two and a...

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