Chapter 364: The Rules of the Sky Quadrant

Chapter 364: The Rules of the Sky Quadrant

“Brother Boulder?” Liu Wencai walked excitedly over to Jiang Chen’s residence in anticipation of clearing up his questions, but soon realized that not a single soul was present.

“Left?” Liu Wencai looked dumbly around at the empty yard. He knew that Brother Boulder had likely gone to report to the sky quadrant.

“Thank you, Brother Boulder.”

Even though the person had left, Liu Wencai still bowed deeply and respectfully outside Jiang Chen’s residence.

“I’ll make it to the sky quadrant after three months and continue our brothership!”

An unforeseen surge of confidence rose in Liu Wencai’s heart at that moment.


The sky quadrant was exactly as Jiang Chen had thought, a place full of spirit power.

The earth quadrant couldn’t hold a candle to the sky quadrant.

“Welcome to the sky quadrant.” An examiner greeted them enthusiastically.

There were four keepers in the sky quadrant, one from each of the four great sects.

“According to the rules, your rankings will be the last ten in the quadrant. All of your scores will start from zero in this quadrant.”

Everything was starting...

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