Chapter 363: Liu Wencai Undergoes a Complete Change

Chapter 363: Liu Wencai Undergoes a Complete Change

The three of them began to pour wine for each other and started chatting about all topics beneath the heavens. Finally, Fatty Lu asked to be excused when it was past midnight.

He could sense the beast blood and the immense aura emanating through the flask. This made his heart itch, and he couldn’t wait to go back earlier and refine it.

Jiang Chen smiled and sent Fatty Lu on his way.

Liu Wencai felt a bit awkward and smiled, “He’s always like this, so don’t think much of it Brother Boulder. He still has his principles when the situation calls for it and is worthy of a deeper friendship.”

Jiang Chen laughed heartily, “This is precisely what’s cute about him. Why would I blame him? Come, let’s keep drinking.”

The two returned to the yard and continued drinking.

When Fatty Lu had been present just now, Jiang Chen had not said anything lest he was someone who easily spilled the beans about his internal thoughts. Now that there was only Liu Wencai left, Jiang Chen said, “Wencai, this beast blood may be ten times more effective...

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