Chapter 360: The Thundercloud Tree, Refining the Golden Body

Chapter 360: The Thundercloud Tree, Refining the Golden Body

The Hundred Challenges of the earth quadrant had basically become an exercise in carrying out Jiang Chen’s official duties. He won one or two matches a day and he never sought to carry on.

Even so, no one had been able to defeat him up until now. No one had even come close.

They all had to admit that, in the end, this secular genius belonged to the sky quadrant, and not the earth quadrant.

Jiang Chen didn’t waste the three months time that he had as he trained diligently every day. His goal was to use this time well and sprint forward, making it into the fifth level spirit realm as early as possible.

Although there were fifth level spirit realm candidates in the earth quadrant, there weren’t that many.

But when he moved onto the sky quadrant, the lowest ranked amongst them would be at the fifth level spirit realm. There would be plenty of sixth level spirit realm as well.

It was even rumored that there would be geniuses of the sky spirit realm in the sky quadrant as well.

Jiang Chen felt that although he had many trump cards, he didn’t have the slightest confidence in facing a genius in the sky spirit realm.

Because of this, he pushed...

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