Chapter 359: Fated Rivals

Chapter 359: Fated Rivals

Somewhere in the temporary quarters of the Purple Sun Sect.

All the Purple Sun Sect heavyweights had gathered in one area.

Master Shuiyue was slightly embarrassed to be facing her brethren and began to reflect. “Forefather, fellow daoists, Shuiyue was incompetent and dragged everyone down so that all lost face with me.”

Spiritual Master Zixu was the head of the sect and naturally had to project himself as thus at this time. He comforted her, “Junior sister Shuiyue, everyone knows that, although your temper is fiery, you act for the best of the sect at all times. Many factors were at play in this matter, and it wasn’t all your fault. It was the other three sects that have always been jealous of us, so they wouldn’t have passed up on this opportunity at all.”

“Right, junior sister need not admonish yourself. This was just a mere secular cultivator with no knowledge of the vastness of the world. There will naturally be sect geniuses who will vent your ill will for you when he reaches the sky quadrant.”

“There is reason in these words. Although this candidate has great potential, there is still a large gap between him and the premier geniuses of...

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