Chapter 358: Master Shuiyue is Relieved of Her Duties

Chapter 358: Master Shuiyue is Relieved of Her Duties

The forefathers and heavyweights of the other three sects all received the news at the same time.

When they understood the circumstances of this matter, the heavyweights all itched to take action. This was a perfect opportunity to take the Purple Sun Sect down a peg!

The Purple Sun Sect had been quite domineering during this selection and they had self styled themselves as the leader of the four great sects. This had already been enough to greatly irritate the other three sects.

This time, Master Shuiyue had apparently even manipulated the matches. With the forefathers’ understanding of Master Shuiyue, that was completely possible.

Therefore, they all ran for the earth quadrant at first light.

The situation would be hard to salvage once public anger was aroused.

The four forefathers had personally made an appearance, investigating the situation and considering the testimony from the other examiners as well as the candidates.

Apart from Sunchaser, the other three forefathers all agreed that Master Shuiyue had manipulated the matches.

“Four matches in a row without pause. Which one of you can give me a reason that...

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