Chapter 357: The Situation Greatly Changes

Chapter 357: The Situation Greatly Changes

The applause was like the tidewaters, wave upon wave, not ceasing for the longest time.

Jiang Chen hadn’t thought that such a scene would happen either. When he walked down from ring, he saw Liu Wencai and Fatty Lu furiously applauding, their faces beet red with emotion, almost as if they wanted to clap until their hands fell off.

“Damn straight Brother Boulder!”

“We’re so proud of you Brother Boulder!”

The corners of Liu Wencai’s eyes were red, it was obvious that he was so emotional that he wanted to cry. Fatty Lu also wiped surreptitiously away at the corners of his eyes with his sleeve.

“Brother Boulder, look! A just cause enjoys abundant support while an unjust cause finds little support. The Purple Sun Sect manipulated the matches and has aroused public anger. Such perverse acts will not gain public acceptance in the end! Hai Tian brought down destruction on himself!” Liu Wencai was almost yelling in his high charged state, and the blood vessels on his neck pulsed like worms traveling through mud.

Indeed, what Liu Wencai had said was what most candidates were thinking.

Even though these candidates were all sect...

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