Chapter 356: Kill!

Chapter 356: Kill!


There was only one thought in Jiang Chen’s heart now.

Whatever the crap about Hai Tian, Shuiyue, all of that was about as important as the floating clouds.

If they dared force him down to step on his head, then he had to fight! He’d use absolute power to reduce them all to dust and personally forge a peaceful scene that was bathed in glorious sunlight.

Jiang Chen seemed to be cut off from the rest of the world as he stood in the ring of spirit devouring. He could see the outside world, but all methods of communication had seemed to be severed.

“I see, it turns out that the ring of spirit devouring maps to the metal element.” This was his first time in this ring.

The ring of spirit devouring encompassed an enormous formation of metal essence within it, filling the air with a grave killing intent. Jiang Chen could feel wisps of that intent slip by in front of him as he stood in the ring. It was as if yellow sands had filled the skies, an enormously oppressive feeling settling down on him.

The power of metal essence was dangerously sharp, its lethality compounded by its immense piercing, and sometimes even devouring, abilities.

Of the five elements, the element of...

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