Chapter 356: Kill!

Chapter 356: Kill!


There was only one thought in Jiang Chen’s heart now.

Whatever the crap about Hai Tian, Shuiyue, all of that was about as important as the floating clouds.

If they dared force him down to step on his head, then he had to fight! He’d use absolute power to reduce them all to dust and personally forge a peaceful scene that was bathed in glorious sunlight.

Jiang Chen seemed to be cut off from the rest of the world as he stood in the ring of spirit devouring. He could see the outside world, but all methods of communication had seemed to be severed.

“I see, it turns out that the ring of spirit devouring maps to the metal element.” This was his first time in this ring.

The ring of spirit devouring encompassed an enormous formation of metal essence within it, filling the air with a grave killing intent. Jiang Chen could feel wisps of that intent slip by in front of him as he stood in the ring. It was as if yellow sands had filled the skies, an enormously oppressive feeling settling down on him.

The power of metal essence was dangerously sharp, its lethality compounded by its immense piercing, and sometimes even devouring, abilities.

Of the five elements, the element of metal had the keenest edge, and its piercing power amongst the strongest.

The so-called spirit devouring aspect was simply the enormous killing power created from the metal essence formation. The devouring strength would erode every candidate’s spirit ocean and drain their energy.

This ring was an arduous test for the candidates, because it was quite sinister.

If you stood there without moving, although the air currents would be violent, their destructive ability was limited.

But once you starting moving, and the faster you moved, the more piercing these air currents would become. If your speed exceeded the flow of air currents, they might even directly punch through your body.

Therefore, maintaining constancy in the face of changing situations was the best strategy in the ring of spirit devouring.

Hai Tian was indeed much more calm than He Yan. His entire being was as sharp as a blade as he slowly melded into the ring. He looked like a golden colored statue, giving one a dispassionate, haughty feeling.

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. Hai Tian was indeed on a different level than He Yan. At least, he hadn’t started brashly attacking as soon as he’d set foot into the ring and revealed his trump cards.

“Secular kid, make your move. I’ll let you make three moves first.” Hai Tian spoke softly.

Every cultivator liked to create their own air in a battle, and Hai Tian was actually also creating an atmosphere that was advantageous to him.

He was very familiar with the ring of spirit devouring, and knew that remaining as unmoving as a mountain was the best choice.

Staying still was better than making a move.

When one moved, the backlash of the power in the ring would increase exponentially. The faster one moved, the greater the backlash.

Therefore, Hai Tian wanted to make his opponent make the first move and wear him down.

Out of consideration for the experience of those who had tasted defeat at Jiang Chen’s hands, Hai Tian had decided to follow his master’s reminders and establish a careful defense, observing Jiang Chen first.

Therefore, his so-called letting Jiang Chen take three shots first was actually mere trickery.

Jiang Chen only smiled faintly and had a strange look on his face, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” Hai Tian laughed heartily, “It’s only right and just that a sect genius allows a secular cultivator some free moves.”

Jiang Chen nodded, “Since this is the case, I might give offense.”

Jiang Chen lifted his arms and sent two beams of golden light shooting forward. One was as if a great eagle soaring over the land, the other a fierce tiger pouncing towards its food.

The sudden flashes of the two beams of light seemed be akin to the explosions of the stars, giving one a fleeting illusion of intangibility.


Hai Tian’s thoughts spun rapidly and he felt that this was quite bad. He’d thought that the other would physically attack, use weapons, or even send his fists flying his way.

He hadn’t thought that his opponent would only lift an arm and send two concealed weapons flashing towards him like two beams of starlight.

It would’ve been one thing if it was an ordinary concealed weapon, which would’ve been absolutely nothing to Hai Tian.

But this concealed weapon had a very bizarre trail to it, and one was veering to the left, while the other to the right. There were two vastly different mysteries behind them. One of them yin, the other yang, with the two marvelously complementing each other.

Throwing daggers!

Hai Tian’s pupils contracted rapidly as he took a look. He hastily set up something in front of him that opened like a clam shell.


This shell-like object produced a yellow light, and an enormous rebound force immediately deflected the two “Moonshatter Flying Daggers”.

The two throwing daggers fell to the ground, sending sparks flying out.

“Mm? What is that?” Jiang Chen was a bit surprised. He was quite confident about the attacking abilities of his throwing daggers.

He’d deployed the Moonshatter Flying Daggers with his first move, and had even imbued it with the mysteries of the Divine Aeons Fist.

He’d once used this move to fight against a fourth level spirit realm Silvermoon Monsterape when he was at the first level.

With his cultivation level of fourth level now, the strength he could bring to bear was absolutely stunning. Even a fifth level spirit realm cultivator may not have been able to evade his move.

However, although Hai Tian was currently disheveled, he’d defused the throwing daggers move!

Jiang Chen was well aware that it wasn’t because Hai Tian possessed incredible strength or speed.

The reason why he’d been able to deflect the throwing daggers was because of that clamshell-shaped object in his hands.

Hai Tian shook his hands and the two halves of the shell immediately changed into two curved, blade-like leaves, revealing a frightening gleam.

“Two more moves left.” Hai Tian laughed coldly. “Don’t tell me that you’re out of tricks apart from concealed weapons and ambushes.”

Master Shuiyue was slightly reassured when she saw this down below in the ring. Hai Tian was Hai Tian alright. He was much more dependable than He Yan.

When she saw that Hai Tian had steadied the situation and had taken at least one of his opponent’s hits, confidence began to grow in her heart.

In her eyes, this freak genius was just well versed in devious schemes and sudden ambushes. Using throwing daggers in a sudden attack at a time like this was the most obvious example.

Now that his throwing daggers hadn’t succeeded, what could he do to Hai Tian in close quarters?

Especially in the ring of spirit devouring. The treasure in Hai Tian’s hands was almost wholly unaffected by the ring of spirit devouring, and could even borrow the strength of metal to enhance his own fighting abilities.

“Hai Tian didn’t disappoint me alright.” Master Shuiyue’s expression was finally lightening a bit now, after the successive blows she’d suffered.

The failure of the “Moonshatter Flying Daggers” had slightly surprised Jiang Chen, but only for a moment.

His mind immediately calmed down.

“No wonder he wanted this ring. There’s a treasure protecting him. This treasure likely naturally counters the power of metal and can deflect any metallic attacks.”

The mysteries of the “Moonshatter Flying Daggers” were indeed invincible, but in the end, they were made out of metal.

When Jiang Chen understood things, a cold smile leaked out of the corners of his mouth. Do you think I can’t do anything to you if I can’t use any weapons?

He made a grasping motion with both hands and flicked out two tail feathers of the Fire Raven King.

He shook his arms once and made seals with his fingers.

“Go!” Jiang Chen repeated the same move and once again deployed the mysteries of the “Moonshatter Flying Daggers”. However, this time, he wasn’t using a metallic weapon.

You could deflect a metallic weapon, but why don’t you try it again with the Raven King’s tail feathers?

In terms of quality, the Raven King’s tail feathers were vastly superior to the throwing daggers.

When Hai Tian saw that Jiang Chen was repeating the same move, he couldn’t help but laugh. This secular cultivator is a poor sort alright. Does he have any other tricks up his sleeve?

The treasure in his hands that were now in the form of two curved blades seemed to be connected at the hilt now, as it formed a whirling blade.

It turned in the direction of the oncoming attack, sending out spirals of strong spirit power ripples towards those two beams of light.

Any metallic weapon would find it impossible to draw close to his reversed edge blade!

The reversed edge blade was like its name, reversing all metallic attacks.

This was what Hai Tian was most proud of, and his unique advantage in the ring of spirit devouring. This was also why he had strongly asked to take the field.

Why did he have so much confidence after seeing his peer being completely crushed? This reversed edge blade was the greatest source of his confidence.

This blade could negate all power of metal, meaning that this ring of spirit devouring posed no restrictions on him.

The reversed edge blade could even absorb the power of metal and transmute it for his own use.

So when he saw Jiang Chen use the same attack again, Hai Tian was truly dismissive.

“Oh go the hell back!”

The reversed edge blade shone splendidly in all directions, enclosing the two beams of light speeding towards Hai Tian.

However, Hai Tian’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. He’d discovered that the two beams of light hadn’t been deflected by his blade, and that their speed had actually increased, and was shooting towards his vital parts in a strange arc.

“What’s going on??” Hai Tian was truly shocked.

His opponent had used the same attack. It’d been easily deflected last time, why had something gone awry this time?

Mockery appeared on Jiang Chen’s face as his arms continue to move. He brought out seven more Fire Raven King tail feathers and sent them all shooting towards Hai Tian like a streak of nine stars.

Even if they were in the ring of spirit devouring, Jiang Chen had many methods that he could use against Hai Tian.

However, he’d simply chosen the least tiring and most secretive manner to avoid displaying his trump cards.

The nine tail fathers were nine beams of light, completely sealing off all avenues of retreat for Hai Tian!

Pfft, pfft, pfft, pfft!

Enormous strength easily pierced through Hai Tian’s armor.

The nine tail feathers drove into the two sides of his collarbones, ribs, hands, and feet.

The last one shot straight through his forehead and nailed Hai Tian onto the wall next to the ring.

His body was suspended as blood streamed down from his wounds.

The reversed edge blade in his hand clattered to the ground. Hai Tian’s eyes were wider than a cow’s, his surprise so profound he hadn’t even had time to close them.

A look of disbelief still lingered in his eyes, intermixed with fear, despair…

Even Master Shuiyue hadn’t anticipated such an enormous reversal. When she came to herself, Hai Tian was already completely nailed to the wall.

A casual smile crossed Jiang Chen’s face as he retracted his hand seals, recalling the nine tail feathers.


After losing the force supporting his body, Hai Tian’s corpse slid down dejectedly, his last breath having long since fled his body.

“Another one.” Jiang Chen laughed slightly and was even more decisive this time. He couldn’t even be bothered arguing with Master Shuiyue, and flew down from the ring whilst everyone was still flabbergasted.

Suddenly, thunderous applause sounded from the entire Arena.

The applause was like a tide, ringing out from all corners as if this had been a premeditated action.

Apart from the Purple Sun Sect, most of the other sects were applauding for Jiang Chen!

This ironic scene almost made Master Shuiyue fall down from her seat.

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