Chapter 355: Master Shuiyue Incites Public Anger

Chapter 355: Master Shuiyue Incites Public Anger

“Honored master, your disciple requests to do battle.” Third disciple Hai Tian sent a message to Master Shuiyue.

Shuiyue herself was hesitating a bit now.

If He Yan had still lost after a hard pitched battle with that secular genius, Master Shuiyue would have arranged for Hai Tian to take the field without hesitation.

However, she truly did hesitate after she saw that secular genius easily defeat He Yan in a second.

He Yan’s cultivation was less than Hai Tian’s, but there wasn’t much of a gap. One was ranked number three, the other number four, there was only a thin line between them.

Even though Hai Tian would have his unique advantage in the ring of spirit devouring, Master Shuiyue wasn’t confident now that the secular genius wouldn’t continue to be this insane in the ring of spirit devouring, given his perverse performance in the rings of fire and ice.

One could no longer use the look of a normal person in which to judge this secular genius!

“Honored master, your disciple was as intimate as brothers with junior brother He. Please allow me to take the field and exact revenge for him.” Hai Tian once more made his request when he saw his master hesitate.

His relations with He...

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