Chapter 354: Stunning the Earth Quadrant

Chapter 354: Stunning the Earth Quadrant

Jiang Chen’s two moves had been quite ruthless. The force from his grab crippled He Yan’s hand, and the force from his kick thoroughly wasted He Yan’s spirit ocean.

There wasn’t the slightest trace of mercy.

He’d no need to show any mercy either. In that moment previously, He Yan had shown none, and had absolutely wanted to fight Jiang Chen to the death.

Even those observing the match had thought that He Yan had killed Jiang Chen.

Therefore, when faced with someone who wanted to kill him, how could Jiang Chen show any mercy?

Master Shuiyue took a glance, and the killing intent in her phoenix eyes exploded out with no boundary. She let out a long whistle as a fierce aura broiled upwards.

“Dumb animal, you dare cripple my disciple?!”

This imposing aura didn’t frighten Jiang Chen.

He remained as distant as the clouds and winds, a remote expression appearing on his face as he flicked a glance towards Master Shuiyue like he was looking at an idiot.

“Him wanting to kill me was natural and right, but me crippling him violated one of heaven’s laws? Is this the four great sects’ selection or your Purple Sun Sect selection? Go back to your sect if you want you word to be law or if you want to be tyrannical....

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