Chapter 353: What’s the Point of Keeping Trash?

Chapter 353: What’s the Point of Keeping Trash?

The most ludicrous thing was that it was still the ring of ice this time.

As calm as Jiang Chen was, he too knew that someone was doing this all on purpose. Thinking back to the mystic quadrant, even someone as righteous as Master Fang had manipulated the matches, purposefully benching Jiang Chen.

Of course, he had done so to protect Jiang Chen.

However, with today’s situation, Jiang Chen would never believe that there wasn’t a human factor at play here.

Except, the manipulation this time wasn’t to protect him, but precisely the opposite. It was to suppress him.

He’d been challenged three times in a row and had barely had any time to rest. For all three times, the ring of ice had been selected.

What did this mean?

This meant that this was absolutely being arranged purposefully by someone. The two strong opponents beforehand had just been an introduction to exhaust him.

He Yan was the true main act.

Jiang Chen smiled coldly in his heart, and threw a sarcastic, meaningful flick towards Master Shuiyue. His lips curved...

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