Chapter 352: A Shameless String of Fights

Chapter 352: A Shameless String of Fights

For Jiang Chen, sparring with Liu Wencai hadn’t resulted in gains as large as the latter’s, but it hadn’t been a total waste for him either.

Practical experience was always useful.

Liu Wencai’s technique and strength were actually not bad. He possessed exceedingly high potential. When Jiang Chen had faced off against him, he discovered that perhaps because Liu Wencai was the son of a hunter, he’d used the blood of various beasts to refine his meridians since he was young. This had resulted in the phenomenon of dragons and tigers in his blood, muscles, and meridians.

This phenomenon could be an innate factor, or it could something that was cultivated after one was born as well.

“Liu Wencai may be someone who can be shaped. It’s a pity that his humble background made his sect overlook him, and he came even further down in the world when he lost his backer. His potential likely remains untapped, and it could be beyond people’s imagination.”

Jiang Chen discovered that Liu Wencai was beyond the ordinary after a night of sparring.

Jiang Chen adjusted his breathing and he rested after returning to his room. Post battle was the best time to nurture one’s spirit....

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