Chapter 351: Sparring Beneath the Moon

Chapter 351: Sparring Beneath the Moon

Jiang Chen was as cautious as ever upon returning to his residence. He probed the surroundings and finally entered his room when he was sure that there was nothing out of the ordinary.

After his lesson in the mystic quadrant, he absolutely wouldn’t let anything similar happen a second time.

Three months of training in the mystic quadrant was the equivalent of a year or two in the outside world. Three more months in the earth quadrant was at least six months worth in the mystic quadrant.

“The first level candidates within the earth quadrant are all of the fifth level spirit realm. My current cultivation level is still at the fourth level, and although I need to fear no one in the earth quadrant with this level, it’s not quite enough to face the genius disciples in the sky quadrant. It looks like I need to make good use of these three months in the earth quadrant. I need to strive harder to continue my progress and break through to the fifth level.”

Jiang Chen also knew that the chance to train in the Eternal Spirit Mountain was rare.

His cultivation level had advanced rapidly, but those within the sky spirit quadrant weren’t there for a vacation either. Since they were in an environment...

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