Chapter 351: Sparring Beneath the Moon

Chapter 351: Sparring Beneath the Moon

Jiang Chen was as cautious as ever upon returning to his residence. He probed the surroundings and finally entered his room when he was sure that there was nothing out of the ordinary.

After his lesson in the mystic quadrant, he absolutely wouldn’t let anything similar happen a second time.

Three months of training in the mystic quadrant was the equivalent of a year or two in the outside world. Three more months in the earth quadrant was at least six months worth in the mystic quadrant.

“The first level candidates within the earth quadrant are all of the fifth level spirit realm. My current cultivation level is still at the fourth level, and although I need to fear no one in the earth quadrant with this level, it’s not quite enough to face the genius disciples in the sky quadrant. It looks like I need to make good use of these three months in the earth quadrant. I need to strive harder to continue my progress and break through to the fifth level.”

Jiang Chen also knew that the chance to train in the Eternal Spirit Mountain was rare.

His cultivation level had advanced rapidly, but those within the sky spirit quadrant weren’t there for a vacation either. Since they were in an environment that was even more superior, perhaps their improvement was similarly quite rapid.

Therefore, he had to try his best to maintain his momentum and ensure that he didn’t fall behind that much.

“Although the treasures that I have give me the ability to challenge those with higher cultivation levels, when I reach the sky quadrant, everyone there will be the proud sons and daughters of the heavens, and will certainly have treasures bestowed upon them by their sect elders. Although their treasures will surely be inferior to the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice and the magnetic golden mountain, I’ve only grasped a surface level control of these two items right now. I can’t even deploy one-one hundredth of their capabilities. I may not have the advantage when I’m faced with the premier sect geniuses and treasures.”

His previous victories hadn’t gone to his head, nor did he become blindly confident.

The Lotus and the magnetic golden mountain were indeed treasures that perhaps even the origin realm old monsters may not be able to comprehend, but he was able to use too little of them at present.

It made his heart itch when he thought about this. Take the magnetic golden mountain for example, it was indeed a treasure mountain with countless numbers of divine arts inside waiting to be claimed.

“Ai, to own a treasure mountain but only be capable of using a tiny bit of it, such as the magnetic power to restrain my enemies or some essence of metal to refine my body, is akin to a starving man looking upon a salted fish while only allowed to eat white rice.”

When he thought of the treasures tucked away in the mountain, Jiang Chen felt an urgent desire to cultivate.

He wanted to release the magnetic storms, summon the golden monsters, attain the Evil Golden Eye, or even summon the Lord of the Golden Seal!

What would be even more impressive was hauling out the entire mountain and using it in the most primitive way to crush his enemies. That kind of thrilling feeling was something that could not be described in words.

Jiang Chen had actually tried to do so before, but such domineering methods were something that he was wholly unable to try at the moment.

The Evil Golden Eye would be comparatively easier because Jiang Chen had trained his eyes already with the God’s Eye. He estimated that he’d be able to attempt training with this treasure after entering the sky spirit realm.

The Evil Golden Eye wasn’t just an art of the eye. The wielder also needed enormous strength of heart and heaven-defying control of the power of metal essence.

The Evil Golden Eye actually made use of the arts of the eye to freeze one’s soul, unwittingly using metal essence to petrify one into a golden statue.

This art looked sinister beyond belief, but its basic principle was just that simple.

When this art reached its peak, all of the steps would be completed in one go and the art deployed with a mere thought.

This was why it even made one feel that the Eye was evil.

After all, turning someone into a golden sculpture with one glance was indeed a bit terrifying.

But when its profound principles were stripped away, there wasn’t much of a secret at its core.

As for the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice, Jiang Chen had actually continued to develop it step by step. His cultivation level had continued to grow with the expansion of his spirit ocean, and his grasp of the Lotus grew more and more adept.

It had been six lotuses before, but he could now control twelve at once, and his methods were more and more covert.

In his match with Ouyang Jian, he’d actually made use of the Lotus.

However, the Lotus had remained beneath the ring and hadn’t revealed itself at all. The outside world had seen no traces of it.

Ouyang Jian’s imposing Raging Tide of Flames had been halted by the Lotus of Fire and Ice.

They had been swallowed by the Lotus in the end as well.

Jiang Chen flourishing his sleeve had been just a smokescreen to bedazzle the audience’s eyes.

“The earth quadrant is indeed different from the mystic quadrant. The five rings all have their unique areas, and they’re an enormous trial to the candidates as well. In this way, the difficulty of the matches will be raised by quite a bit. It’s apparent to see from the fact that the highest rate of successive wins earlier today was just three.”

Jiang Chen also felt that competition was fierce in the earth quadrant when he thought back to the battle conditions of today.

The sound of someone knocking on his door traveled in from outside the courtyard.

Jiang Chen used the Ear of the Zephyr to notice that the visitor was Liu Wencai.

He noticed that it was indeed the young man from the Myriad Spirit Sect when he opened the door. Liu Wencai smiled ingratiatingly, “Brother Boulder, have I disturbed you?”

“Come on in.” Jiang Chen was naturally happy that a friend had come visiting.

Jiang Chen had no friends he could particularly chat with ever since Xiao Fei had left. When he’d gotten to know Liu Wencai earlier today, he’d felt that although this person was full of high spirits and was an extrovert, he was also a rare sect disciple who was truly genuine.

“I hadn’t dared to disturb you, but as I meditated in my residence and thought of what Brother Boulder had taught me earlier today, I became more and more engrossed as I thought about it and felt that my gains were great. Therefore, I couldn’t help but want to come by and thank you.” Liu Wencai offered a scroll with a smile, “Brother Boulder, I don’t have much to thank you with. These are a few of my thoughts and reflections with regards to taming spirit creatures. I don’t know if it’ll be of any help, but I wanted to give them to Brother Boulder to express my gratitude. Please accept it if you think enough of it, or give it to someone else some day if you don’t.”

It could be seen that he was the type to return a favor with a favor, and wasn’t the sort to gain advantage through unfair means.

Jiang Chen knew that he was speaking with complete sincerity when he looked at the other’s genuine, serious expression.

Jiang Chen didn’t turn him down and accepted with a smile, “The reflections of a Myriad Spirit Sect genius will surely be quite useful. Perhaps I’ll really have use for it in the future?”

Jiang Chen wasn’t the sort to not show his friends face. Even when he knew that he would never have use for something of this level.

Anything he took out from his past memories would be enough for the entire Myriad Spirit Sect to spend ten or a hundred years digesting.

However, this was a friend’s sentiments. Even if it was a blade of grass or a tile, it was still a token of friendship.

With this friendship, it was enough to prove that this person wasn’t someone who would be ungrateful, doing things such as burning a bridge after crossing it.

“Right, there’s something that I want to remind you of as well. You defeated Ouyang Jian with great fanfare today. I listened to the sect disciples’ conversations, and Master Shuiyue seems to be quite infuriated. The entire Purple Sun Sect seems to be banding together to suppress you. You need to be mentally prepared.” Liu Wencai warned.

“The Purple Sun Sect has always been one to bully the good. I’d find it odd if they didn’t do so. However, aren't you afraid of being targeted by the Purple Sun Sect as well in coming to find me?”

Liu Wencai smiled ruefully, “They can’t even be bothered to look at a small character like me seriously. Haven’t you seen that the peers in my own sect pay no attention to me, much less than the Purple Sun Sect?”

“There are no small characters beneath the heavens, only cowards who think little of themselves. Who will value you if you belittle yourself?”

Liu Wencai started laughing heartily when he heard these words, “Indeed, indeed. We’re small characters in other’s eyes, but we must possess the lofty aspirations of an indomitable spirit ourselves!”

“Indeed, as long as we have lofty aspirations, hope yet remains.” Jiang Chen nodded. “Brother, the night is young. Why don’t the two of us spar for a bit?”

Jiang Chen began to admire Liu Wencai more and more. He was of the mind to help him, but couldn’t very well put up a front of “I’m going to be your teacher”.

Therefore, his proposal of a spar was to pick out some of Liu Wencai’s technical flaws through practical battle, and point out some of the holes that the latter would easily reveal.

Although Jiang Chen’s level of training was only at the fourth level spirit realm, his knowledge of martial dao was quite high!

Jiang Chen had watched Liu Wencai’s match in the ring earlier in the day. That his enemy hadn’t been strong was one reason for his victory, and the natural momentum after his sudden insight had been another.

Factors related to fighting technique had actually been less prevalent in that match.

Jiang Chen had managed to pick out many flaws when he’d watched that match.

“Attack me with all you’ve got.” Jiang Chen said to Liu Wencai in the yard.

Liu Wencai had seen Jiang Chen’s abilities and knew that he wasn’t being cocky. He was also privately happy. He knew that it was a rare opportunity for experts to be able to spar.

Perhaps, Brother Boulder wanted to give him pointers!

He roared lowly, “Be careful, Brother Boulder!”


Liu Wencai gave a tiger’s roar as his two fists formed illusions, triggering the winds and clouds and making for Jiang Chen’s chest.

“The rhythm between your left and right fists isn’t harmonious enough. Your two fists should be able to attack and defend, but with your scattered rhythm, you’ll be unable to either attack or defend when you meet a true expert.”

Jiang Chen reached out a palm as he spoke and cut across Liu Wencai’s left fist, following through to point at his throat.

Just like Jiang Chen had said, he was neither able to defend nor attack.

Liu Wencai’s face reddened. He’d been thinking just now that, you can identify flaws when I’ve only just started my move? He’d even thought that Jiang Chen had spoken too early.

However, he fully accepted things in the next moment.

Jiang Chen wasn’t just running off at his mouth. He’d magnified the other’s problems with just a careless palm.


Jiang Chen backed up a step with a frosty tone. His entire demeanor had changed when they'd started sparring.

The two young men started fighting against each other beneath the night sky.

They actually forgot all sense of self in the midst of sparring. They only came to themselves when the sun rose and the roosters started crowing.

When they glanced at the sky again, it was already pre-dawn.

“Haha, brilliant, fantastic! Brother Boulder, you’re truly my good senior brother and even my good teacher. I’ve gained much in participating in this selection, simply because I could make your acquaintance.”

Liu Wencai had gained quite a great deal after a night of sparring.

“Brother Boulder, there’s still roughly four hours left. I’m going to go back and meditate so I can digest the gains of this night.” Liu Wencai was both excited and agitated.

He subtly felt that this night’s sparring would improve his techniques to perfection and greatly enhance his fighting strength!

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