Chapter 350: A Targeted Scheme

Chapter 350: A Targeted Scheme

Master Shuiyue’s heart was full of contradictions now. She suspected the freak genius of the boulder’s heart was Jiang Chen, but also didn’t want to accept this.

This was because she felt that an ant akin to Jiang Chen was unworthy of such strong potential.

The Eastern Kingdom had given birth to one Long Juxue. How could it have given birth to another incredible genius?

That was an insult to her vision.

If the freak genius of the boulder’s heart was indeed Jiang Chen, why had she only selected Long Juxue and not detected the existence of Jiang Chen in the Eastern Kingdom?

This was a blot upon her record for her.

Therefore, she was quite conflicted right now. It was very difficult for her to accept the truth that Jiang Chen was the freak genius of the boulder’s heart and had such high potential.

However, she also desperately needed an excuse now to suppress this freak genius who’d offended her so.

“According to the intelligence brought back by Chu Xinghan, Jiang Chen used his talents in training beasts to coordinate the million strong Swordbird Army and defeated the Long family at the Second Crossing. Taming beasts is but an unorthodox back door solution. What does this...

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