Chapter 349: Master Shuiyue’s Resentment

Chapter 349: Master Shuiyue’s Resentment

The first day of the Hundred Challenges had ended. There were at least ten who had achieved successive wins, but the best out of them had only obtained three in a row. Most were like Jiang Chen, having reached two wins in a row.

Jiang Chen had voluntarily stopped, which left his scores slightly unimpressive at the moment, but also placed him solidly in the top ten.

He’d adjusted his strategy and even purposefully reined in his strength in the afternoon match, leaving many red herrings in the ring of gravity.

But even so, he’d been unable to shake off Master Shuiyue’s attentions.

Master Shuiyue usually had nothing to do with secular disciples, but she’d formed some prejudices against the mystic quadrant champion after hearing of Guo Ren’s matter.

This fellow’s enmity towards the Purple Sun Sect had been apparent in the ring of fire today. Although Ouyang Jian wasn’t one of her disciples, she didn’t want to see a Purple Sun Sect disciple being killed by someone else in the ring, so she’d interfered despite her identity as the keeper of this quadrant.

Master Shuiyue’s personality had always been domineering, and she was renowned amongst the four sects as someone...

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