Chapter 348: Receiving Pointers from Jiang Chen

Chapter 348: Receiving Pointers from Jiang Chen

Jiang Chen raised his head with surprise. In his memories, Liu Wencai had a very dashing and confident personality. Why did he have a bit of a self pitying tone today?

When he saw Jiang Chen look at him, Liu Wencai smiled ruefully, “Brother Boulder, I finally understand why you secular disciples are always filled with a sort of anger, and why you guys are always filled to the brim with such enormous motivation. Being ostracized and dismissed by everyone is truly a great motivator.”

There was a bit of anger present in his tone.

It was obviously that his various circumstances since entering the earth quadrant had slightly changed his mentality.

Jiang Chen nodded with a faint smile. “Brother Wencai is a sect disciple, why do you voice words filled with such anger?”

Liu Wencai sighed, “Brother Boulder, I’m not a true sect disciple when it comes down to it. My identity as a sect disciple is quite hollow. I was born in an ordinary hunter’s family and great changes happened in my family when I was still in my swaddling clothes. One of the executives of the Myriad Spirit Sect happened to save me. It can be said that he...

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