Chapter 347: A Stab That Turns the Complex, Simple

Chapter 347: A Stab That Turns the Complex, Simple

Ouyang Jian’s cultivation level was also at fourth level spirit realm.

But in terms of martial dao realm and vision, his fourth level spirit realm was completely different from Jiang Chen’s.

The speed of his Sixteen Blows of the Raging Python of Flames was indeed astounding, and the momentum of his sword quite overwhelming.

But for Jiang Chen, what he feared the least was the kind of physical attack that emphasized speed and momentum.


To an ordinary cultivator of the fourth level, this strike was indeed fast. But to Jiang Chen, this speed was only ordinary.


The momentum of a wild python was a bit ferocious to an ordinary cultivator, but to Jiang Chen, this kind of momentum was no different from randomly barging about.

At the heart of it all, this level of this technique was nothing compared to Jiang Chen’s level of knowledge.

Jiang Chen didn’t even want to bring out his nameless saber. Instead, he took out a feather from the Fire Raven King’s tail.

Light suddenly exploded in his eyes as the tail feather suddenly shot out, as if an agreement had been reached.


A crisp collision rang out.

Jiang Chen had used this tail feather...

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