Chapter 346: Raging Tide of Flames? Too Weak!

Chapter 346: Raging Tide of Flames? Too Weak!

The two had already exchanged multiple blows amidst their words.

Ouyang Jian maintained a rock-solid look on the surface, but he was still stunned beyond belief in his heart. Just now he’d attempted to create a certain atmosphere and pull his opponent into his tempo.

But judging from the other’s noncommittal attitude, his efforts had been in vain.

“This country animal does indeed have a few tricks up his sleeve. No wonder Guo Ren had been frightened into forming an internal demon.” Ouyang Jian slightly improved his opinion of Jiang Chen. “However, meeting me on this ring of fire means that he can only lament his bad luck!”

Ouyang Jian suddenly glared with both eyes as he shook his arms once. The ring turned into an ocean of flames as countless waves of fire set the surroundings ablaze like a hungering beast from ancient times.

“Kid, you’re my prey in this ring of fire, hahaha…” Ouyang Jian made a grasping motion with his right hand and a long broadsword shimmered in and out of existence on his arm, similar to a python entangling itself on his arm.

“That is the Fire Python Sword!” The Purple Sun Sect disciples...

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