Chapter 345: A Comical First Win in the Earth Quadrant

Chapter 345: A Comical First Win in the Earth Quadrant

This little fatty had on a merry expression as he made faces at Jiang Chen, keeping his voice very low, “Brother, let’s speak candidly. I’m the one being challenged, so it doesn’t affect my score if I lose. Therefore, I don’t want to win this fight at all. How about we put on an act? Don’t be too serious, and I won’t be too fake. Let’s play fight for a while, then I’ll voluntarily head off the stage. I seriously hate this ring of ice. I don’t want to waste my inner energy here and really go head to head with you.”

The little fatty’s tiny eyes kept rolling around as he spoke with a tone of a businessman wanting to engage in a deal.

Jiang Chen had met all sorts of opponents, but it was a rare sight to meet someone who openly wanted to cheat.

“C’mon brother, let me know your true thoughts.” The fatty asked hastily when he saw that Jiang Chen wasn’t responding.

Jiang Chen nodded faintly, “Then it depends on whether you really want to put on an act, or you’re acting about not wanting to fight for real.”

The little fatty grinned from ear to ear. “You’ll know soon.”

He then roared loudly and started charging towards Jiang Chen with his...

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