Chapter 343: Five Kinds of Rings

Chapter 343: Five Kinds of Rings

Fewer numbers of people didn’t mean that competition wasn’t as fierce.

Jiang Chen didn’t want to make a name for himself having just arrived, so he stood in the back of the crowd. He also knew that according to the conventions, the newly promoted candidates would be fourth level candidates in the earth quadrant. There were no other scenarios that could happen.

Indeed, someone quickly sent over their earth quadrant candidate tokens before too long.

Jiang Chen had been champion of the mystic quadrant, so his token was number 491. The others ranged from 492 to 500.

The numbering was easy to understand, but “fourth level” was carved on the back, proving Jiang Chen’s speculation right.

“Fourth level indeed… even though I’ve won a hundred matches in a row, I’m still fourth level.” Jiang Chen tucked the token into his waist with a wry smile.

Master Fang of the mystic quadrant had at least explained to them why they were fourth level.

Here, it was obvious that Master Shuiyue couldn’t be bothered to even introduce the area.

Jiang Chen didn’t mind. He stood in the crowd with...

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