Chapter 342: Advancing into the Earth Spirit Quadrant

Chapter 342: Advancing into the Earth Spirit Quadrant

Master Fang was indeed an open and upright gentleman. The two talked for a long time, but he never asked where Jiang Chen was from nor wanted to recruit Jiang Chen on behalf of his sect.

This kind of demeanor made Jiang Chen admire him from the bottom of his heart.

The two chatted late into the night before Master Fang rose to take his leave, still feeling that he hadn’t fully expressed all that he wanted to.

He hadn’t thought either that he would be able to chat so harmoniously with a young man from the ordinary world.

What he’d thought had been the oddest was that the knowledge and bearing of this young man, and his insights into many matters, had surprised him multiple times as well. The level and breadth in which he approached a question made even him, a senior executive in the sect, feel a bit inadequate.

Just what kind of freak genius was he? Was he really a secular disciple?

Master Fang laughed wryly in his heart, but his confidence in Jiang Chen was further affirmed. The rise of this kind of young man, even if he’d been born in the ordinary world, was inevitable.

“Alright, here is good. You will be reporting to the earth quadrant tomorrow. I will...

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