Chapter 341: Jiang Chen’s Sudden Insight, the Examiner Comes to Visit

Chapter 341: Jiang Chen’s Sudden Insight, the Examiner Comes to Visit

“What? He left?” Jiang Chen was petrified.

When he’d come to Master Fang’s to ask him to launch an investigation, he hadn’t thought he'd receive this response.

Master Fang nodded. “Indeed, he came to find me just before the results were announced today. He didn’t ask about his ranking, but only requested to depart from the Eternal Spirit Mountain.”

“Did he say why?” Jiang Chen was quite depressed and felt a bit lost.

“No.” Master Fang laughed wryly and sighed softly. “This person is quite strange. I told him that his ranking was seventh and that he would be moving to the earth quadrant, but he couldn’t seem to care any less!”

“Was he possibly threatened by someone?” Jiang Chen couldn’t help but ask.

Master Fang thought for a moment and shook his head, “It didn’t seem like it. His emotions seemed quite calm, but his desire to leave seemed quite strong. It didn’t look like he’d been threatened by anyone. It rather looked like he’d seen through everything and was asking to leave of his own accord.”

Jiang Chen’s mouth was full of a bitter taste as he was stunned senseless in that moment.

From beginning to end, he’d only known that the other was called Xiao Fei, and was a girl dressed as a guy.

If it hadn’t been the accidental events of that night, he might’ve only thought that it was a pity that seventh place candidate had left just like this.

But after the events of that night, there was an apologetic feeling that remained in Jiang Chen’s heart. Although she’d kept saying that she was the one who had dragged him down and caused him to fall victim to a plot, so that night had been something she’d owed him, Jiang Chen wasn’t the sort to be unappreciative when he’d benefited handsomely.

“Forget it, she must have her own thoughts if she’d wanted to leave. We will meet again if we’re destined to in the future. If we’re not, then there’s nothing to be done about that as well.”

Jiang Chen sighed in his heart and attempted to comfort himself that way. He wasn’t the loveless or faithless sort and still felt a bit lost on his way back.

However, he didn’t know that a thin figure was standing amidst the trees and shrubbery, keeping an eye on him as he made his way back from the examiners’ section.

This figure was Dan Fei, and her body was trembling lightly at the moment, her nose sniffling slightly as she was overcome with emotion as well.

“Jiang Chen, the fact that you’re so anxiously searching for a chance acquaintance means that you’re a loyal and faithful true man. However, I must go now and I can’t accompany you through your adventures in the earth quadrant. I hope… all goes well for you, that you can hack through the waves and billows and step on all those cocky so-called sect geniuses beneath your feet. I believe that all geniuses within the sixteen kingdoms are dim and lackluster in front of your radiance.”

Dan Fei sighed lightly and only turned resolutely to walk down the mountain when Jiang Chen’s back had vanished in the distance.


Jiang Chen returned to the residence, standing in the hallway for a moment and watching the water flow beneath the eaves of the roof.

He remembered that Xiao Fei liked to stand in this hallway and watch the fallen flowers being carried away by the waters.

Suddenly, a moment of insight flashed through his heart as he began to laugh heartily.

“Us cultivators have long had our fates set, why should we worry about troubles of our own imagining? Xiao Fei has left, but I remain. These are all the paths that we’ve chosen, why sorrow or fret?”

Jiang Chen had a sudden insight and his feelings abruptly lightened. After his enlightenment, he felt as carefree as the winds and clouds as all his emotions flowed away on the surface of the running water.

“Indeed, everyone has their own path. If our paths intersect, then we will meet again. If they do not, then we will not walk together.” Jiang Chen’s feelings abruptly calmed down after his comprehension.

He laughed heartily and turned to walk back into his room.

Another brisk wave of laughter also sounded from the outside at this moment, “Young friend Boulder, for what do you laugh so heartily? From the sound of this laugh, it’s one of great understanding and insight.”

The owner of this voice was Master Fang of the mystic quadrant. They’d only just parted, but here he was, paying a visit to Jiang Chen?

“That Master Fang is deigning to lower himself to come visit me, my little yard is graced with your presence.” Jiang Chen smiled as he stepped forward in welcome.

Jiang Chen was actually quite admiring towards Master Fang.

He was at least one of the few characters who were impartial and just amongst the sects.

“What, you don’t welcome me?” Master Fang chuckled.

“Not at all, not at all. Please, come on inside Master Fang.” Jiang Chen welcomed Master Fang into his room.

The two sat cross legged as Jiang Chen didn’t put on airs either, bringing out a jug of Nine Magnificence Dew wine and taking out two cups of old vines, pouring wine into both of them.

The look in Master Fang’s eyes changed immediately when the wine was poured. He cried out in shock, “This… this is the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine?”

“Master Fang is indeed someone who recognizes value. Please.” Jiang Chen raised his cup.

Master Fang’s eyeballs were about to fall out of his sockets in his stare, his eyes firmly glued to the cup.

His mouth was slightly pursed and his nose kept sucking in air, his demeanor immediately changing greatly, as if his very soul had been lured out of him.

Jiang Chen smiled inwardly to see this. Here was another lover of wine, someone who likely was even more of an alcoholic than vice head Shi of the Myriad Treasures Palace.

“Master Fang.” Jiang Chen called out again.

Master Fang suddenly came to his senses as he smacked his head and started laughing, “Hahaha, I hadn’t thought, hadn’t thought at all that I would have the fortune to drink this wine again in my life.”

He lifted the cup of old vines in both his hands as he spoke. His manner was as if the most reverent believer worshipping the image in his heart, an absolutely pious posture.

Master Fang threw back his head after draining the cup, narrowing his eyes and shaking his head from side to side slightly. He was tasting, evaluating, and conversing with the wine.

Indeed, to true wine lovers, they would feel that a good wine had a spirit to it, so their wine tasting was akin to conversing with good wine.

Jiang Chen looked at Master Fang’s form. He was completely serious and the epitome of reverence. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but become grave and respectful as well.

Although Master Fang also loved alcohol as much as life, his bearing was so much better than vice head Shi’s. Vice head Shi loved drinking as well, but his was a type of crude and unappreciative drinking.

Master Fang was an elegant alcoholic. His current state of shaking his head back and forth was similar to one of a poet writing sentimental verse to the moon and air, full of a learned and refined air.

Master Fang sighed after a long while as a look of gratitude shot out from his eyes. His next moves made Jiang Chen’s mouth drop open.

Master Fang actually stood up to bow deeply towards Jiang Chen!

“Master Fang, this cannot do.” Jiang Chen hastened to get up and return the gesture.

“It can, it can.” Master Fang sighed in succession. “You’ve let me drink a wine that is as marvelous as though it’d been crafted by the gods. It is a natural order of heaven and earth that you accept my gesture.”

“There are many who have a love of wine in the four great sects, and some of them often gather together to discuss the fine wines they’ve drank. One of them happened to mention the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine before, but no one else present at the gathering had tasted it before. That person was quite proud in that moment, and everyone else’s splendor was suppressed by him. This wine had almost become our internal demon after that gathering. Therefore, when you took out the jug and the cups of old vines, I voice these words subconsciously.”

Master Fang spoke of an old matter between him and the wine.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but laugh. “So it turns out this has happened before.”

Master Fang laughed, “I’ll have something to talk about if we meet again. That person only sipped that little half cup previously, how could he experienced what I enjoyed today? Hahahaha!”

Master Fang’s expression was animated and he was quite excited, clashing with his previous image of a stern examiner.

Jiang Chen smiled ruefully, thinking that alcohol was indeed something that could cause one to unmask themselves and reveal their true personality. Master Fang was rather a forthright man.

“Since this is the case, Master Fang should drink some more so that you have more to talk about when you gather again.” Jiang Chen smiled. “If you don’t mind, please take the entire jug.”

Master Fang laughed heartily, “There are no gains without effort, you’re bribing an examiner!”

This was naturally a joke. The tests of the mystic quadrant had concluded by now and Jiang Chen was the champion. There was nothing about this that would be a bribe.

Jiang Chen smiled, “There’s been a saying since ancient times of setting up a banquet to thank one’s teacher or master. Although Master Fang isn’t my teacher or master, you have helped me understand some theories and thus are more than worthy of this jug of wine.”

Master Fang was rather open as well, “Then I shall accept this with a thick face.”

To a lover of wine, whether they were the crude type or the elegant kind of alcoholic, they always lacked resistance to beautiful wine.

When Jiang Chen saw him put away the wine carefully, he laughed, “Master Fang must have some words of wisdom to impart to me in traveling here. I am all ears.”

“You, kid, are truly a freak. All the disciples in the mystic quadrant now call you a freak and are incredibly happy to hear that you’ll be leaving the area. They’re acting as if they’re sending off a god of plague, wanting you to leave as quickly as possible.” Master Fang joked.

Jiang Chen was at a loss for words, “Am I really that unpopular?”

“Alright, all joking aside, let’s be serious now. I had indeed wanted to chat with you this time.” Master Fang was quite forthright. “You won’t be coming back to the mystic quadrant after your departure. We may not have any interactions in the future. I have been aloof all my life, so much so that only a few people are capable of entering my eyes. You, young man, are one of the few.”

Jiang Chen listened intently. He knew that Master Fang was opening his heart up to him in interacting with him. The two were more like friends in this moment, and not of examiner and candidate.

“My personality is one that doesn’t like young folk who keep a high profile. However, you are different. I’ve always felt that you are hiding a great power within you. You seem high profile, but you’re different from those arrogant sect disciples. I had been quite dismissive of your initial string of victories, but then felt that I had underestimated you upon further thought. Different people undertaking the same matter can be cocky for some, and confident for others. I slowly saw confidence in you, and not overweening arrogance.”

Sincerity shone in Master Fang’s eyes.

“Young man, I won’t recruit you on behalf of the sect. I’ve come here only to give you a word of warning that the human heart is incomprehensible in the four sects. You must be on your guard in the earth and sky quadrants. Some people will go to all measures possible when they scheme.”

Jiang Chen felt slightly touched. That a sect elder who had no relationship with him and nothing to ask of him could speak thus was truly a difficult thing.

Master Fang was indeed a warm hearted and compassionate person. This kind of honest personality was a rarity within the sects.

Jiang Chen spoke seriously, “I will take Master Fang’s pointers to heart.”

“Kid, you likely have your own thoughts even without my pointers. I’m rather anticipating to see the day in which you soar to the skies.”

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