Chapter 340: Guo Ren Breaks Down, Jiang Chen is Champion

Chapter 340: Guo Ren Breaks Down, Jiang Chen is Champion

Jiang Chen also knew that if this fellow flat out denied his involvement, there was truly nothing Jiang Chen could do about it. However, Jiang Chen didn’t want to beat him to death. Even if a crime couldn’t be pinned on him, Jiang Chen was happy to pull the examiner’s leg for a bit.

Jiang Chen snorted coldly, “You dare commit those actions but don’t dare to admit to them. Coward! I don’t know who you are, but I hadn’t thought about using the rules to bring your crime to light. I only want to tell you that a coward should never threaten others. A coward’s threat is the weakest and most useless of all. Remember, I’m going to stir up that hornets’ nest of yours. You better go back and pray with Guo Ren that he won’t meet me in the ring!”

Jiang Chen made a cupped fist salute to Master Fang after speaking, “Master Fang, since he wishes to deny this, then this becomes a mystery without clues. Please make your judgement.”

Master Fang thought momentarily, “It’s impossible to judge this matter without a witness. Let it end here.”

He mused silently for a bit after speaking and raised his voice again, “I’ll say this again. If it’s discovered that an examiner has privately approached a candidate, let alone threatened one, the punishment will not be light!”

Master Fang beckoned with his hand after speaking and led the group out.

As Dan Fei watched Jiang Chen’s expansive demeanor and carefree chatter in front of the assembled examiners, her heart was tied even more closely to his lofty sentiments and her affections knew no bounds.

This was the truest, most uncommon man in her heart, a real man able to hold up the heavens!

Dan Fei had a vague feeling that, as long as Jiang Chen was present, no matter how weak or strong, senior or junior the others were, they would all be relegated to being Jiang Chen’s supporting characters in the end.

This man seemed to have been born to be the main character.

Even if he kept a low profile, even if he purposefully concealed his talents, there were always various fortuitous encounters that propelled him to take center stage.

This had happened time and time again without exception.

Jiang Chen was actually calmer after erupting in open hostility with the Purple Sun Sect. His mind had been previously clouded with hatred, but it was now much clearer.

“Purple Sun Sect! One of my goals in participating in this time’s selection is to stomp on all of the Purple Sun Sect disciples. It looks like this is destiny, and I am fated to feel irreconcilable hatred for them and be unable to even share the same sky!”

“Since this is the case, then come at me! Let me see just how frightening the so-called hornets’ nest of the Purple Sun Sect is, and how perverse their geniuses are!”

Jiang Chen’s personality made him prefer death to submission, and never acquiescing to someone taking a hard line.

Since the Purple Sun Sect had attempted to bully him time and time again, Jiang Chen’s only choice was to resist until the end.

“Brother Xiao Fei, I’m thoroughly breaking with the Purple Sun Sect. I’m afraid you’ll become embroiled into this in the future. Are you…”

“Don’t worry about me. I already made all my preparations when I came here.” Dan Fei waved her hand and said faintly, “It’s late, get some rest.”

Dan Fei walked back into her room after saying this.

When she closed the door, Dan Fei leaned back listlessly on the door. All that calmness and that strength had been an act she’d put on for Jiang Chen.

Her goal was to make Jiang Chen feel that she wasn’t a burden, so that she wouldn’t affect his dao heart.

The only thing was, this kind of pretense was truly very tiring.

However, Dan Fei had no other choice. What else could she do other than this? Could she spend her days in unabashed displays of affection after revealing her identity and allow Jiang Chen to lose himself in her tenderness?

This was absolutely not what she wanted to see.


Guo Ren was also suffering greatly in his residence at the moment. He’d completely collapsed when he had learned that his uncle-master Daoyan had failed and had nearly revealed his identity in the process.

His last bit of effort had all been for naught, and it hadn’t brought about any effect.

Guo Ren’s eyes were bloodshot and his expression ugly as he spat out his words, “A mere country bumpkin who doesn’t know how to appreciate the good! Kid, are you forcing me here?!”

A violent light exploded in his eyes. He was obviously formulating some sort of extreme scheme.

Guo Ren’s chest suddenly felt tight as he kept thinking, and he spewed out a mouthful of blood. His body softened as he actually fell straight down.

Guo Ren’s internal demon had flared up and the flames of his heart had surged up, making him break down where he had stood!

Although the news was kept under wraps, it still traveled quickly, causing the entire mystic quadrant to go crazy!

For the candidates of the other three sects, this was absolutely a most delightful piece of news to see and hear. It was most gratifying, worthy of such widespread jubilation that everyone rushed to tell each other. This was of great satisfaction!

The news of first seed Guo Ren of the mystic quadrant being frightened into forming an internal demon, and how he had been so incensed that he’d spat blood, quickly made the rounds.

Those who had joined Guo Ren in plotting against Jiang Chen mourned the loss of one of their own kind. Like felt for like, and they all felt that this ill fate was about to quickly descend upon their own heads.

The other Purple Sun Sect disciples who hadn’t participated in this matter were all shellshocked and all came to ask what had occurred behind the scenes.

The disciples of the other sects were almost unanimously gleeful in the face of the misfortunes of others, and some even added insult to injury!

Guo Ren had always been tyrannically domineering and had no respect for anyone. Just because he was ranked first in the mystic quadrant, he’d been haughty and self-conceited, always having his eyes at the top of his head.

Now what? How did karma taste?

He’d been so terrified by a secular disciple that an internal demon had formed, and he’d even spat blood. It was obvious that he was crippled for life!

“Such delight, much joy!” Liu Wencai of the Myriad Spirit Sect couldn’t help but want to forcefully toss back some cups of wine as he sat in the yard of his seventh residence. He’d been humiliated that day when he’d failed in recruiting Jiang Chen.

Liu Wencai hadn’t argued with Guo Ren then because he’d been fearful of Guo Ren’s strength as the first seed.

Now that he’d heard of such wonderful news, Liu Wencai was naturally the epitome of elation. He felt that today was the best day ever since he’d participated in the great selection.

The other first level candidates who’d had nothing to do with this were also a bit fearful as they exulted in the misfortunes of others. They weren’t afraid of Guo Ren, but of Jiang Chen.

Just where had this mysterious, domineering secular genius sprung out from? How much talent did he have that even the mighty Guo Ren had formed an internal demon and had been so enraged that he’d spat blood?

Guo Ren was absolutely not unworthy of his place as the first candidate in the mystic quadrant. None of the other first level candidates dared say that they were stronger than Guo Ren.

“It looks like even though we’re down a Guo Ren, we’ve gained an even more mysterious, more frightening secular genius. The championship of the hundred challenges in the mystic quadrant is still something that I believe will be tough to obtain.”

This was embodied in a sigh from the second residence of the mystic quadrant.

Guo Ren became the laughingstock of the entire mystic quadrant overnight, and the title of the freak genius of the boulder’s heart became illustrious on the contrary.

If it was said that his previous, incredible 45 successive wins had placed Jiang Chen at the center of attention, he had now become the mountain within the hearts of the mystic quadrant candidates after the night had passed.

An insurmountable mountain.

Almost all of the first level candidates bowed their heads with resignation in the span of a night.

In this regard, Jiang Chen’s momentum met even less resistance. Almost all of the people he selected surrendered voluntarily or put up a weak front, because they knew that if they feigned weakness, they could at least retain face and get off the stage in a respectful way.

An incredible legend of 100 straight wins was born after half a month!

This was a score that surpassed the ancients and galvanized the contemporaries, an absolutely insane record!

Things weren’t over yet. All the candidates banded together and requested that the name of the freak genius of the boulder’s heart be eliminated from the list of challengers.

Not only did they not wish to be selected by Jiang Chen, they didn’t want to pick him either.

Whether it was the challengers or the ones to be challenged, none of them wanted to meet the secular genius in the ring.

This seemingly ludicrous petition forced the examiners to seriously consider it.

After requesting feedback from all of the candidates, the final result was—

His position as the champion of the mystic quadrant was accepted, but the caveat was that he be struck from the list of challengers.

This was a change that Jiang Chen hadn’t anticipated.

He hadn’t thought that he’d turned into an existence that everyone revered, akin to a tiger that all feared. But since everyone admitted his position as the champion, he was happy to take a break and have his name dashed off the list.

Otherwise, having to appear at the Hundred Challenges Arena everyday and wait to be called upon was indeed a restriction for someone who had completed the hundred challenges early on.

Finally, all parties reached an accord. Jiang Chen was bestowed the title of the champion of the mystic quadrant, and his name was eliminated from the list of participants in the Arena.

All the candidates breathed a sigh of relief when this outcome was announced, particularly the Purple Sun Sect disciples. They felt their spirits revive again.

After this unlucky harbinger of doom left the lists, they would never have to fear accidentally selecting him again.

To Jiang Chen, this meant that he had temporarily graduated and was a free man.

Without the unexpected factor that was Jiang Chen, the matches of the mystic quadrant finally started proceeding normally. However, eye-popping performances also decreased.

There were no longer crazy phenomena such as ten or twenty successive wins.

Jiang Chen would visit the Arena now and then to keep an eye out for Xiao Fei’s matches. However, he discovered with resignation that Xiao Fei seemed to be purposefully keeping her distance from him.

A month into the matches, Jiang Chen discovered that Xiao Fei’s movements became even more untraceable. She would avoid him whenever Jiang Chen appeared.

Three months finally passed in the end.

In the final announcement of scores, Jiang Chen was the undisputed champion. The slots from second to tenth were almost all filled with first level candidates.

Except the seventh.

The seventh was Jiang Chen’s neighbor Xiao Fei.

This meant that of the ten spots from the hundred challenges in the mystic quadrant, two of them had been filled by secular disciples. Even the sect disciples were amazed at this outcome. They were resigned to the outcome but unwilling to actually accept it.

As for the other eight secular disciples, their scores had been more ordinary. Four of them ranked in the last ten and were going to be demoted to the yellow quadrant come next week.

Jiang Chen and the other top ten candidates were to enter the earth spirit quadrant at that time.

Jiang Chen wanted to excitedly congratulate Xiao Fei when he returned to his residence, but he found the place empty and that she had long since moved out of her room.

Xiao Fei had left the premises!

Jiang Chen was stunned. Now was the time to celebrate her being in seventh place. Where had she gone now?

He looked all over and returned back to the Arena, but couldn’t find any trace of Xiao Fei at all.

When he still couldn’t find her at nightfall, Jiang Chen began to feel a twinge of an uneasy premonition. Had the Purple Sun Sect made a move on Xiao Fei?

Alarm bells began to clang in Jiang Chen’s mind as he sped towards the examiners’ section.

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