Chapter 339: Are You Threatening Me?

Chapter 339: Are You Threatening Me?

“Who is it?

After last time’s lesson, Jiang Chen had set up several lines of defense around the residence. As soon as he felt someone attempting to enter the residence, Jiang Chen was immediately alerted and shouted out.

His body shot out like an arrow to see a figure standing in the middle of the yard. The intruder’s face was covered, only his pair of eyes showing.

“Young friend, perhaps we can chat for a bit?”

An unwelcome guest in the middle of the night likely had unkind intentions. Jiang Chen wasn’t interested in dilly-dallying with him.

“Will you leave yourself, or do you want me to call for the law enforcers?” Jiang Chen frowned.

“Don’t misunderstand me, young friend. I have no malicious intentions. I’m just here on behalf of others to be a mediator and peacemaker.”

“Peacemaker?” Jiang Chen laughed coldly. “Who asked you to pay a visit?”

“Don’t be in a rush, young friend. With your potential, you are destined for great things, why hold a grudge in this mere mystic quadrant? It matters not who asked me to come here today. As an examiner of the mystic quadrant, I assure you that I deal fairly in all matters. I am here today to advise you that taking a step backwards in forgiveness will dispel all ill will, resulting in peace as wide ranging as the open skies.”

“Taking a step back in forgiveness?” Jiang Chen burst out laughing. “If I take a step backwards, they will take ten forward to bully me. Don’t beat about the bush, did Guo Ren ask you to come?”

“Heh heh, young friend is a smart character indeed.”

“Go back and tell him that some bottom lines are not meant to be crossed. Once they are crossed, that conflict will only end at death. I respect you as an examiner, but I trust that this trip isn’t truly an official action. Otherwise, why would you conceal your face?”

“Young friend is indeed sharp minded, I am impressed. He regrets the previous matters as well, and so have asked me to come see if there is any compensation that can be made. Young friend, if you have any requests, feel free to raise them.”

Jiang Chen spread out his hands and shouted, “Shut your trap! You think my principles can be bartered over? Go back and tell Guo Ren that the only thing he can do is to pray that he won’t meet me in the ring. This is all I have to say, I won’t be seeing you out!”

Jiang Chen was incensed. Mediator? Peacemaker?

At the end of the day, it was just all tricks from the Purple Sun Sect! Jiang Chen needed only to think with his knee to know that the masked examiner was someone from the Purple Sun Sect, paying a visit on Guo Ren’s behalf.

He also knew full well that these sect disciples’ so-called reconciliation was just smoke and mirrors. Their fanged, true forms would reappear after a while and they would deny all knowledge of an agreement.

People like Guo Ren possessed a scorpion’s heart and would never sincerely want to make peace.

Besides, the matters of that day had completely crossed Jiang Chen’s bottom line. He’d destroyed a girl’s innocence with his hands. Although she hadn’t said anything, Jiang Chen was well aware what an enormous sacrifice this was to a girl.

Could an innocent girl’s innocence be glossed over so easily with such an insubstantial word?

Jiang Chen would never agree to this.

When the masked man saw Jiang Chen speak so assertively, his brow furrowed, “Young friend, is there really no room for discussion?”

Jiang Chen laughed coldly, “Unless he dies.”

The masked man’s tone grew cold. “Die? Do you think this matter would be resolved if he dies? Let me tell you, that would only make the matter worse. Killing a Purple Sun Sect disciple is akin to stirring up a hornets’ nest. Furthermore, Guo Ren is quite popular within the sect. If you kill him, you will face unbounded revenge in the earth and sky quadrants in the future. You have enormous potential, why destroy your own future for a dispute caused by personal feelings and block your path forward?”

Since persuasion had failed, the masked man had resorted to threats instead.

Jiang Chen laughed heartily, “I have my own way, who has the ability to block it? Is my future something others can destroy? A hornets’ nest? What a joke! On the path of martial dao, whether a dragon’s den or phoenix’s nest, all who block my path will be smacked to death!”

The masked examiner had seen arrogant disciples before, but never any as arrogant as this.

He was so enraged that he almost spat blood. He snorted successively in cold laughter. “Good, good, good! It looks like you refuse to repent until you fail completely! I’d like to see how miserable a death that you, a so-called genius, will have in the end!”

“Kid, remember that from today forth, the Purple Sun Sect will deploy all possible resources to suppress and force you out. Just wait for the Purple Sun Sect’s sword of judgement to behead your dog of a head!”

The masked examiner’s attitude switched as quickly as flipping the pages of a book as his tone matched his sinister threats.

Just as Jiang Chen had threatened Guo Ren and the others, the examiner was also trying to plant the seeds of fear in Jiang Chen’s heart through threats, and try to create an internal demon.

However, Jiang Chen’s mental strength wasn’t something that trash like Guo Ren could aspire to. His Boulder’s Heart was completely immune to this kind of threat.

He smiled faintly, “I’ll be waiting. Now, I have two words for you, GET OUT!”

The last two words rolled forth like the spring thunder. The thunderous roar of the two words immediately suffused the surrounding area of the mountain slope.

The examiner’s expression immediately changed drastically as he cursed silently, this kid is devious! He didn’t dare linger as he sprang up, taking off faster than a hare bounding away.

There was naturally great purpose in Jiang Chen shouting out. He wanted to wake the entire mystic quadrant and the examiners so he could attract the law enforcers.

To put it frankly, he wanted to frame the masked examiner.

He had visited a candidate’s residence in the dead of the night and had threatened to suppress him. If evidence of this was uncovered, that was absolutely an enormous disaster and he was sure to be censured by the other three sects.

Therefore, when the examiner heard Jiang Chen’s yell, he knew that things were bad and hastened to leave.

At this time, Dan Fei also entered the yard through her door.

“Brother Boulder, your lofty and unyielding spirit is greatly admirable. This person must be an examiner from the Purple Sun Sect. He tried hard and soft tactics to force you to compromise and definitely didn’t truly want to reconcile with you.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly, “How would I not see through their tricks? What does this mean? This means Guo Ren is afraid.”

“Guo Ren has great ambition but little talent, and has no possibility of reaching the great dao. His dao heart is thus weak, it’s likely that Brother Boulder’s threat has already become his internal demon. At this rate, Brother Boulder doesn’t even need to do anything before Guo Ren collapses without even battling.”

Jiang Chen agreed and nodded, “Calling in reinforcements, it looks like Guo Ren has exhausted his tricks. I declined his offer today, so I should likely keep an eye out over the next couple of days to prevent him from leaping over a wall in desperation.”

Once an internal demon was formed, it was exceedingly difficult to get rid of. One had to eliminate the source of the internal demon in order to get rid of it.

Jiang Chen was so strong that Guo Ren was in a quandary as for what to do to him. He could only resort to desperate measures to eliminate the source of his internal demon!

A patter of footsteps came from outside the residence as they spoke.

The law enforcers had come in search of the disturbance.

Jiang Chen opened the door, and the group of law enforcers walked in with Master Fang at their head.

“We heard a roar here earlier, was it from you?” Master Fang’s tone was quite dignified, as if he didn’t know Jiang Chen at all and wouldn’t let private affairs interfere with public matters.

Jiang Chen nodded forthrightly, “In response to Master Fang, there was a masked man here earlier who claimed to be an examiner of the mystic quadrant, but was here on behalf of the Purple Sun Sect to threaten me. I ask Master Fang to be the judge of this matter.”

Master Fang frowned. “Something like this truly happened?”

“Absolutely, my roommate can bear witness.”

Master Fang looked to Dan Fei. She was unafraid as she met his gaze and said resolutely, “Although we secular disciples have lowly births, we are also not trash to be shoved around by everyone. This person claimed to be an examiner, but stood on the Purple Sun Sect’s side in suppressing us. I’d rather like to ask Master Fang, is this selection really as impartial as the four sects have said it is?”

Master Fang nodded, “Where is everyone else in this residence?”

“We don’t know. They don’t return at night and are like this everyday. We don’t know what they’re up to.” Dan Fei responded.

Master Fang shouted, “Summon all the examiners here immediately!”

Some law enforcers immediately dashed out the door to notify the examiners.

There were roughly two hundred examiners from the four great sects. They quickly made their way here.

As the head keeper of the mystic quadrant, the other examiners were unable to ignore his commands.

“Everyone, these two candidates say that an examiner came here to threaten them. I have only one question—who was so bold as to do such a thing and publicly break the rules of the selection? Who dared privately approach the candidates and threaten them?”

Master Fang was also seizing on this pretext to vent his feelings. He wasn’t of the Purple Sun Sect and naturally would never stand on their side to protect those of that sect.

It was deadly silent at the scene. All the examiners didn’t dare say anything as great waves of emotions rippled through their hearts.

Who was it? Who’d dared been so bold as to openly threaten the candidates?

“Recount what transpired here.” Master Fang encouraged Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen read a trace of encouragement from Master Fang’s eyes and knew that the latter was encouraging him to make a big deal of things.

“I was training in my room just now and heard someone appear in my yard. He said he was here representing the Purple Sun Sect to lobby me. When that failed, he immediately changed his tune to threaten me and said he would deploy all of the sect’s strength to suppress me and force me out. Therefore, I suspect that this person is someone from the Purple Sun Sect.”

Since Master Fang was supporting him, Jiang Chen naturally didn’t mind directly roasting the Purple Sun Sect over the fire.

“Kid, don’t you slander us!”

“Do you have proof?! Lack of proof means you’re framing us!”

“My Purple Sun Sect is open and straightforward, what need do we have to threaten you, a mere secular disciple?”

“There must be someone setting my sect up and purposefully framing us!”

The examiners from the Purple Sun Sect all spoke up in denunciation.

Jiang Chen looked around and locked on one of the examiners. He snorted coldly in his heart, you were cocky and unbridled when you visited just now and only wore a mask. You didn’t change your body shape likely because you thought you had me?

Jiang Chen pointed directly at that person, “He’s the one.”

The person’s body shook slightly as he shouted, “Kid, do you know that the crime of framing another is not a small one?”

Jiang Chen laughed coldly, “Stop putting on an act! Before you came, you likely didn’t think that I’d blow this matter up so you only carelessly concealed your face, but did nothing to your body shape. What, you were so arrogant and domineering when threatening me just now, have you turned into a turtle retracting into your shell now and don’t dare own up to what you’ve done?”

This person was indeed uncle-master Daoyan whom Guo Ren had reached out to. He had thought that Jiang Chen wouldn’t suddenly use this strange tactic, and just as Jiang Chen had postulated earlier, he was forced to be the passive one all of a sudden.

However, as proud as he was, he also knew that he absolutely couldn’t admit to things now.

“Master Fang, this kid is slandering me. I ask Master Fang to punish him harshly and destroy the ill wind that dares besmirch the examiners!” Daoyan was actually filing the suit first, even though he was the guilty party.

Master Fang snorted coldly, “Where were you just now?”

“I was resting in my room.” Daoyan responded easily.

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