Chapter 339: Are You Threatening Me?

Chapter 339: Are You Threatening Me?

“Who is it?

After last time’s lesson, Jiang Chen had set up several lines of defense around the residence. As soon as he felt someone attempting to enter the residence, Jiang Chen was immediately alerted and shouted out.

His body shot out like an arrow to see a figure standing in the middle of the yard. The intruder’s face was covered, only his pair of eyes showing.

“Young friend, perhaps we can chat for a bit?”

An unwelcome guest in the middle of the night likely had unkind intentions. Jiang Chen wasn’t interested in dilly-dallying with him.

“Will you leave yourself, or do you want me to call for the law enforcers?” Jiang Chen frowned.

“Don’t misunderstand me, young friend. I have no malicious intentions. I’m just here on behalf of others to be a mediator and peacemaker.”

“Peacemaker?” Jiang Chen laughed coldly. “Who asked you to pay a visit?”

“Don’t be in a rush, young friend. With your potential, you are destined for great things, why hold a grudge in this mere mystic quadrant? It matters not who asked me to come here today. As an examiner of the mystic quadrant, I assure you that I deal fairly in all matters. I am here today to advise you that taking a step backwards in forgiveness will dispel all...

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