Chapter 338: Guo Ren Breaks Down

Chapter 338: Guo Ren Breaks Down

These words made many thoughts run rapidly through Jiang Chen’s mind. When he looked at Master Fang again, he saw that the keeper’s eyes were clear, without the slightest hint of schemes or duplicity. On the contrary, there was a bearing of perfect impartiality.

Had he possibly mistaken Master Fang’s intentions?

Master Fang sighed lightly, “That an ordinary disciple has such talent as yours is truly uncommon. However, it may not be a good thing for you to rise so swiftly as you lack foundations within the sects. As the saying goes, even the strongest will break easily when faced with numerous enemies. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to suppress your momentum for a bit.”

Master Fang explained patiently when he saw that this young man didn’t possess a stubbornly hotheaded temper. He was also doing this out of good intentions to truly succor such a secular genius so that Jiang Chen could develop smoothly and not attract endless oppression in his rise.

With Master Fang’s understanding of the sect disciples, if this secular genius hogged too much of the limelight, the sect disciples would think of ways to move against or suppress him if they felt threatened.

Even though Master Fang...

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