Chapter 337: After Joy Comes Sadness for Guo Ren

Chapter 337: After Joy Comes Sadness for Guo Ren

The group of Purple Sun Sect disciples were gathered in Guo Ren’s residence.

“Cheng Lan, are you certain that those two weren’t in their rooms?” Guo Ren asked as he laughed sinisterly.

Cheng Lan hated Jiang Chen with a burning passion after his cousin had been beaten up, so he nodded very affirmatively, “Senior brother Guo, twice I took the risk of being beaten to take a look at their rooms. There was no one in their rooms. I looked all over the residence, there was absolutely no one!”

Guo Ren frowned, “That’s strange, where could they have gone?”

Cheng Lan leered, “Perhaps they couldn’t withstand their hunger and ran out, running afoul of the restrictions in the mystic quadrant and were destroyed in the process?”

Apart from the residences in the quadrant, the only area with free access was the Hundred Challenges Arena. All the other areas were restricted areas that not even the examiners dared venture into. If the candidates barged into them, only death would await them!

Xiao Yu didn’t care at all as he said with an uncaring expression, “Senior brother Guo, stop wasting your time worrying all about this. Even the gods are...

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