Chapter 336: Jiang Chen, Let Me Help You

Chapter 336: Jiang Chen, Let Me Help You

This was a torture even worse than death; the extreme forces of masculinity and yang had formed a situation where the yang in his body had been isolated.

It's been said that nothing would grow when only yang was present, and that nothing would be born if only yin was present.

Whether it was the operations of heaven and earth, or simply the human body, even the gods would be hard pressed to pull off a miracle if one’s yin and yang were out of balance.

Therefore, Jiang Chen knew that this was indeed a fate worse than death.

Dan Fei was equally stubborn in this moment and shook her head firmly, “I’m not leaving, not unless you beat me to death!”

“Get out!!” Jiang Chen roared. “What the hell can you possibly do here, apart from irritating me?!”

“I…” Dan Fei had no time to spare for her own feelings after being yelled at. Her mind was a chaotic mess currently, and she felt guilty and wanted to help. However, apart from helplessly throwing her hands up in this situation, she didn’t know what she could do.

She only had a single thought in mind right now, and that was that even if she were to die, she’d die with Jiang Chen.

“Wait a second…” Dan Fei suddenly thought of what Jiang Chen had said amidst the havoc in her mind. “Jiang Chen said that this was an aphrodisiac of extreme masculinity. It’s currently causing his yang qi to increase exponentially, and in turn his blood to froth. His body will explode if he doesn’t vent his yang qi, with a cultivation deviation being the least serious consequence, or immediate death as the most serious... Does this mean that he’ll be saved if he’s able to expend his yang qi?”

Dan Fei seemed to realize something when her thoughts reached this point. Her heart abruptly shuddered, and a red flush crept up her face behind the mask.

Although she was inexperienced in the ways of men and women, and didn’t usually think about things like this, she still knew a little bit about this matter since she was still a woman over twenty years old.

Her body shook as she felt both her mouth and tongue go dry, and her heart crashed about in her chest.

“Did he mean… that when he spoke of venting his yang qi?” Dan Fei only partially understood. She was also afraid that she’d misunderstood, but had a subtle feeling that this was indeed the case.

Although she was both hesitant and bashful, when she thought about the fact that she was the source of the torment that Jiang Chen was currently suffering through, her guilt triumphed over her shyness in an instant.

She swiftly walked over to Jiang Chen and held him up, “I think that… I think that I can help you.”

Jiang Chen had almost been consumed by the flames raging inside his body at the moment. He sighed ruefully when he heard these words, “Hurry and leave while I still have my rationality. If you don’t, I’m afraid that I might really beat you to death once I’ve lost control. How can you possibly help me? You’re a man too, don’t you understand that a balanced amount of yin and yang is needed to resolve this kind of aphrodisiac?”

“Yin and yang… do you... do you perhaps mean the pleasures between a man and a woman?” Dan Fei asked in a low voice as her head trailed in embarrassment, a flood of red blush at the nape of her neck.

She was an untested girl and so she didn't even dare think about these matters ordinarily, not to mention actually talking to someone about them.

She’d gathered up almost all of her courage in order to ask this question. After she asked it however, she felt completely drained.

Jiang Chen rasped out, “So what? Are you able to go out and grab a girl? What’s the difference between that and a rapist? Not to mention that, since the enemy had this kind of sinister plan, they’ll definitely be on their guard against us doing such a thing. We might be walking straight into a trap if we leave.”

Jiang Chen was well aware that this plan had to have many interlocking elements to it. He’d have to think of a way to take care of his needs once he found it impossible to control his urges any longer.

There were quite a few female disciples within the mystic quadrant.

If they laid in wait, and laid an ambush for him to walk into, they could then arrange for him to gain a title of illicit relations with women, and in turn ruin his reputation. They might even kill him at the scene.

Dan Fei knew that Jiang Chen had spoken the truth, and felt the utmost admiration for him. He was already in this sort of state, yet still didn’t wish to ruin a girl’s innocence. This was proof of what level of character he had. I, Dan Fei, have no qualms about giving my innocence, something that I’ve kept safe for twenty years, to him.

When her thoughts reached this point, Dan Fei’s voice became as small as a mosquito’s as she said lowly, “It’s my fault, so I should make amends to you. It... would be bad if any other innocent girl lost her innocence.”

“What?” An explosion rang out within Jiang Chen’s mind as a body as warm as jade lightly slipped into his embrace.

His final line of defense completely imploded at that second.

As for Dan Fei, she found it hard to repress her bashfulness when she felt the ball of fire and rampaging energy beneath his navel.


No one knew how long that night lasted, nor how many conquests were mounted—it seemed as if fierce gales and winds never ceased all throughout the night.

The completely new experience almost made Dan Fei faint a few times.

When everything had returned to a state of calm, Dan Fei’s mind slowly regained its clarity as she gazed upon the man that lay quietly next to her. His mask was askew—underneath were Jiang Chen’s sharply delineated features.

This face had appeared in Dan Fei’s dreams countless times. and had made her toss and turn throughout many nights.

The two were now fully exposed to each other. Tears glimmered in Dan Fei’s eyes as she lightly kissed Jiang Chen’s body. A sense of contentment and pride, along with a complicated sort of feeling, rose up in her heart.

“Jiang Chen, I have no regrets. I will never have any regrets.”

Dan Fei didn’t know where Jiang Chen had brought her whilst they’d been enraptured in the throes of their passion. She looked around, but all she saw was darkness. They seemed to be underground.

As she gazed at Jiang Chen’s fast asleep form in peaceful repose, Dan Fei suddenly had a strange feeling that perhaps... this was the true Jiang Chen?

Dan Fei’s first taste of a night-long conquest had left her extremely tired. She struggled to her feet, but almost didn’t dare to take a step forward due to the aches and pains she felt.

Dan Fei put her clothes back on, and resumed her identity as Xiao Fei.

“Jiang Chen, I hope the story of this night doesn’t give you any psychological pressure in the future.” Dan Fei knew that Jiang Chen had been completely lost in a frenzy of passion during the night, and had had no idea who she was.

Since he didn’t know, Dan Fei didn’t want to use this night to tie Jiang Chen down. As much as she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, she didn’t want to use this sort of method to achieve her goal.

She didn’t want Jiang Chen to think that she’d offered her body simply so she could spend the rest of her life together with him.

With Dan Fei’s self-pride, using her body to tie a man down wasn’t something that she’d do.

“Last night was something that I owed you. You wouldn’t have been poisoned if it hadn’t been for me.” Women were thus odd. Once they’d given their body to a man, they would think of him in every detail. and try to make the best of the situation for him.

Sitting down cross-legged, Dan Fei slowly calmed herself. However, a feeling of happiness blossomed in her heart whenever she turned her head to gaze at Jiang Chen sleeping soundly.

If it was possible, she wished that this moment could last forever.

If time stopped right now, at this precise moment, Dan Fei felt that she’d be the happiest woman in the world.

“Ugh...” Jiang Chen slightly rolled over and abruptly opened his eyes. His mind immediately cleared up.

“Uh… brother Xiao Fei, why is it you?” Jiang Chen was slightly surprised to see the cross-legged Dan Fei, and memories of last night began to flood his mind.

“Brother Boulder, are you alright?” Dan Fei restrained her emotions with great effort as she asked faintly.

“I… did I do something? Brother Xiao Fei, you…” His memories from last night came to a screeching halt at this moment.

Jiang Chen vaguely felt that he’d done many ludicrous things last night. There was the perfect figure of a wondrous girl, whom had allowed him to pluck her many times imprinted in his mind.

But, was it all simply a dream?

Jiang Chen didn't think so as he gazed at Dan Fei with a few interrogative hints in his eyes.

Dan Fei smiled faintly, “Brother Boulder, where have you taken me? The hour is almost here, we’ll be late if we don’t leave.”

Jiang Chen’s mind was a mess. He could hear that something was wrong from Xiao Fei’s words, but he couldn’t articulate what exactly was wrong.

The matters from last night were quite clear; they likely weren’t a dream.

Then, brother Xiao Fei is a girl?! An explosion erupted in Jiang Chen’s mind as he suddenly understood a lot. Why hadn’t brother Xiao Fei fallen victim to the poison? And how had he vented his excessive yang qi?

There was only one possible explanation to all this.

Brother Xiao Fei wasn’t a boy, but a girl!

Jiang Chen found himself in quite a predicament behind a mask right now. He’d taken a girl’s innocence!

“Brother Boulder let’s go.” Dan Fei knew that Jiang Chen would surely have many questions in his heart right now.

However, Dan Fei didn’t want Jiang Chen to have too much of a psychological burden, so she’d planned on burying this deep in her mind, and archiving it permanently.

“Brother Xiao Fei, yesterday…”

Dan Fei spread her hands out, “Accidents are inevitable in life. Last night’s matter was something that I owed Brother Boulder. If you feel guilty, then knock down those damned sect disciples savagely and vent our ill temper on them. If you manage to step on all of those sect disciples, I’ll be greatly gratified when we meet again in the world.”

Jiang Chen was in complete disarray. Brother Xiao Fei was both admitting that she was a girl, and that what had happened last night had truly happened. And judging from her tone, she obviously didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

He sighed lightly, “Xiao Fei…”

“Brother Boulder seems so dashing in the ring, why are you so awkward and stilted right now? We don't have much time, let’s hurry up and leave. If you insist on acting thus, I’ll think less of Brother Boulder.”

Jiang Chen knew that there was no way for him to change the situation, and simply nodded. He ordered the Lotus to take them to the round.

In his last lucid moments yesterday, he’d instinctively told himself that he couldn’t consummate this relationship in the room, and had thus activated the Lotus in order to bring them underground.

It was then that Dan Fei discovered that they’d been on an enormous Lotus flower last night.

This marvelous occurrence made her heart tremble once again. She found that she was able to understood less and less of Jiang Chen.

This lotus was able to extend and retract as it wished? Dan Fei suddenly understood why Jiang Chen had been unable to emerge unscathed from the Fire Ravens’ rampage.

With this strange lotus, Jiang Chen had been able to tunnel into the ground; so what of the fire burning for a hundred li?

The two returned to the surface and checked the time. There was only fifteen minutes left until they had to gather.

After Dan Fei had gave her body to Jiang Chen, her girlish notion of being worried about personal gains and losses had actually been cleanly swept away.

She kept telling herself that from today onwards, she was still brother Xiao Fei, and that she couldn’t affect Jiang Chen because of any personal relationships.

Women were made of water, and thus her personality was as gentle as water right now.

All her thoughts were pointing in one direction right now, and that was that she simply couldn’t impact Jiang Chen’s trials.

To do this, she had to pretend to be as strong as possible, and never let the matters of yesterday become a psychological burden for Jiang Chen.

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