Chapter 336: Jiang Chen, Let Me Help You

Chapter 336: Jiang Chen, Let Me Help You

This was a torture even worse than death; the extreme forces of masculinity and yang had formed a situation where the yang in his body had been isolated.

It's been said that nothing would grow when only yang was present, and that nothing would be born if only yin was present.

Whether it was the operations of heaven and earth, or simply the human body, even the gods would be hard pressed to pull off a miracle if one’s yin and yang were out of balance.

Therefore, Jiang Chen knew that this was indeed a fate worse than death.

Dan Fei was equally stubborn in this moment and shook her head firmly, “I’m not leaving, not unless you beat me to death!”

“Get out!!” Jiang Chen roared. “What the hell can you possibly do here, apart from irritating me?!”

“I…” Dan Fei had no time to spare for her own feelings after being yelled at. Her mind was a chaotic mess currently, and she felt guilty and wanted to help. However, apart from helplessly throwing her hands up in this situation, she didn’t know what she could do.

She only had a single thought in mind right now, and that was that even if she were to die, she’d die with Jiang Chen.

“Wait a second…” Dan Fei suddenly thought of what Jiang...

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