Chapter 335: The Effects of the Extreme Aphrodisiac

Chapter 335: The Effects of the Extreme Aphrodisiac

Wait, something’s wrong!

Jiang Chen’s perceptions were incredibly astute due to training the Psychic’s Head. He hadn’t noticed something was out of the ordinary when he’d first entered.

But, as he was about to walk out of the door, he could subtly feel that something was wrong.

“What wrong?” Dan Fei asked when she saw Jiang Chen frown.

Jiang Chen’s tone chilled slightly, “Don’t you feel that there’s a faintly discernible presence floating through the air?”

Dan Fei sensed attentively for a while and shook her head with a lost expression. “No.”

“Hold your breath.” Jiang Chen’s expression changed as he immediately opened the door and all the windows.

He then tugged on Dan Fei’s sleeve and dragged her out the door into the yard.

Dan Fei was shocked by his sudden action, but with her understanding of Jiang Chen, she knew that something was surely up at this point. Knowing his steadiness, he would never act so impulsively otherwise.

“Brother Boulder, what’s going on?” Dan Fei asked.

“Of all the precautions I took, I still didn’t defend against this.” Jiang Chen’s expression would be quite ugly at this point if he hadn’t been wearing a mask.

He’d always been quite careful and would enter his room with utmost care whenever he returned. He’d only enter after observing the surroundings for quite a while.

He was afraid that someone would plot against him and deploy various unscrupulous methods.

However, he’d been on his guard against his own room but he hadn’t done the same for brother Xiao Fei’s room.

He took in large breaths of air from the outside but could still feel the blood in his veins circulating at a faster speed.

There seemed to be a ball of flame slowly burning in his body. He felt a very strange feeling of countless bugs crawling over his body.

“I’ve been poisoned!” Jiang Chen’s first thought was that he’d been poisoned. However, when he sensed carefully, he didn’t find any traces of being poisoned.

Where was this bizarre feeling coming from if he hadn’t been poisoned?

“This… is bad…” Jiang Chen could feel a bizarreness in certain parts of his body. His body leapt away as he dodged back into his own room.

He sat down cross legged and circulated the Boulder’s Heart, planning on controlling this sudden impulse.

However, the Boulder’s Heart could only restrain the wild fancies of his mind, but couldn’t tamper down the instinctive impulsiveness of his body.

As naive as he was in the ways of men and women, Jiang Chen understood by now that he hadn’t been poisoned, but a depraved aphrodisiac.

He felt the blood in his body circulating at a continuously faster pace. An enormous impulsive feeling continued to agitate in his body, making him feel like an inflating balloon.

“What kind of lewd poison is this that it could be so domineering?” Jiang Chen was shocked. He’d downed successively numerous spirit medicines that would reduce internal flames, but it was still insufficient to repress that strong impulse.

His body was like it was about to explode, as a ball of flame roared fiercely three inches beneath his navel. He was tough as iron, as if an ancient, fierce beast that was about to break free of its seal.

“Who would be so treacherous to use such a bizarre poison to entrap me?” Jiang Chen was extremely depressed. He was an old hat at using poison, but although he had some knowledge of aphrodisiacs, he’d never studied them.

Unfortunately, this was what he’d happened to fall victim to this time.

The door creaked open.

Dan Fei walked in hastily and was greeted with the eyes of a wild beast.

When she saw Jiang Chen’s reddened eyes and his crazed look of hunger, Dan Fei was enormously startled, “Brother Boulder, what’s wrong with you?”

Jiang Chen was immediately enraged when he saw her walk in. He roared, “Just who are you?!?”

“I…” Dan Fei was completely perplexed. She had no idea why Jiang Chen was asking her this.

Jiang Chen’s eyes spat fire. “I was too naive and actually trusted you. To think that you had colluded with the sect disciples to plot against me!”

A roaring sound exploded in Dan Fei’s mind as she became completely shell shocked. I… plotting against you? What… what??

Even if I, Dan Fei died, I would never scheme against you.

“Brother Boulder, I… I swear to the heavens that I really didn’t plot against you. What’s going on? Your eyes are so red.”

It was a good thing that he was sitting cross legged on the ground. Otherwise, the sight of his greatly peaked privates would likely scare Dan Fei out of her wits and send her scurrying for cover.

“You didn’t plot against me? Then how come I’ve fallen victim to this poison but you’re completely fine without any symptoms? The poison originated from your room, and you dare say that it had nothing to do with you?” Jiang Chen flared his aura. If the other moved at all or had any suspicious traces in his tone, he would absolutely strike out with all his strength and kill the other immediately.

“The poison originated from my room? I… I really don’t seem to be poisoned. But, I really didn’t plot against you. I’m right here right now. If I’ve done anything against you, you can kill me with one blow!” Dan Fei was almost to the point of tears as well. She’d never seen Jiang Chen in this state.

Even someone as calm as her had been frightened. She was stupefied and her voice was trembling. Dan Fei was almost crying.

“Impossible!” Jiang Chen shook his head. “My defenses are stronger than yours, so there’s no reason that I’m poisoned and you’re unscathed!”

Dan Fei also thought it odd. She believed that Jiang Chen would never talk random nonsense. The poison must’ve originated from her room.

However, it was also true that she hadn’t been poisoned.

“Brother Boulder, what poison have you been afflicted with? Is there an antidote to this poison? Should I go alert the examiners?”

Jiang Chen stared fixedly at the other and saw that their panic and disarray didn’t seem to be an act. He couldn’t help but think, does he really not know? Does this really have nothing to do with him?

Jiang Chen was quite skilled in reading others and could tell that brother Xiao Fei wasn’t putting on a pretense. If the other really did have collusions with the sect disciples, he should be hiding in the shadows at the moment and watching everything unfold, not walking in to place himself at Jiang Chen’s mercy.

However, why was it that he had been poisoned but Xiao Fei was alright?

Could it be that he was naturally immune?

In terms of being resistant to poison, his body was absolutely resistant. But that medicine was obviously not poison and just an aphrodisiac. Technically speaking, it wasn’t a poison.

It was precisely because this wasn’t a poison that Jiang Chen had succumbed to it.

His enemies had also been quite thorough as they hadn’t made a direct move against Jiang Chen, but Xiao Fei instead.

What did this indicate? It meant that his enemies feared him and wasn’t certain of their success in front of him. This was why they had acted against him indirectly through Xiao Fei.

This way, his mental defenses had been greatly lowered.

One had to say, this was a good plan and it’d been calculated quite precisely.

Dan Fei threw all other thoughts out of her mind at this point and walked over with concern. “Brother Boulder, there must be an antidote to this poison. Tell me and I’ll go look for it now.”

Jiang Chen reached out a hand and halted her in her footsteps. “Don’t come any closer!”

Dan Fei’s body trembled slightly. As she looked at his reddened eyes, she knew that he was absolutely in immense discomfort at this moment and suffering greatly.

She stood there dumbly, feeling as if blades were cutting into her heart. She deathly wished that she could take Jiang Chen’s place and suffer on his behalf.

But, why was she completely safe and sound? Dan Fei completely didn’t understand.

“Poison… heh heh, it wouldn’t be a problem if it was poison. But this isn’t poison at all, but an aphrodisiac. Of extreme masculinity and yang, it’s stoking all the yang qi in my body and is increasing the rate of my circulation. If I don’t vent this yang qi, my body will explode. If I’m lucky, I will end up with a cultivation deviation, immediate death if I’m not. I have no way of treating this poison or treating its symptoms if I don’t know the recipe of this medicine.”

“What?” Dan Fei lost her voice in shock. She hadn’t thought at all that it’d be this kind of poison.

She immediately understood why she hadn’t been affected. This poison of extreme yang was obviously only effective on males.

She was a girl, so how could she possibly be affected?

Dan Fei was completely shell shocked in that moment and completely frantic. She was full of self accusation. “It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault! If I hadn’t opened the window, that person wouldn’t have been able to scatter the powder in with the force of his blow. If I hadn’t emitted a sound, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have come to my room…”

This was a plot of successive elements.

The origin of the poison was her.

“The enemy made their move on me because they knew they wouldn’t succeed if they targeted Jiang Chen directly. Therefore, they used me to attack him indirectly. I… I’m so useless! It’s all my fault, I dragged him down!”

Dan Fei’s heart was in a wild disarray as guilt stoppered her chest. She truly wanted to fall on her own blade to atone for her wrongdoings.

“Brother Boulder, it’s all my fault!” Dan Fei murmured in an anguished tone. “Kill me, it’s all my fault! They knew I’m useless so they made their move through me to get at you. It’s all my fault in the end. If you want to vent your anger, kill me with one blow…”

Jiang Chen snorted coldly as he sweated profusely. He also knew at this moment that this matter truly had nothing to do with Xiao Fei.

He could only blame the enemy for being too cunning in using their method to make their move.

But why hadn’t Xiao Fei succumbed to it? Jiang Chen still didn’t understand, but he had no ability to contemplate this now.

The blood vessels of his body were all frothing. It was a futile exercise no matter how he tried to restrain himself or regain a calm state of mind.

The kind of impulse was like an ancient beast about to break free of its cage. He needed to vent himself like a roaring deluge of water, and only the relations between a man and a woman could give him relief.

Jiang Chen’s mind was already a bit hazy at the moment, and his dao heart as firm as a boulder was slowly succumbing.

The instinctive power of his body was overwhelming everything now.

“It isn’t that there are no female cultivators within the mystic quadrant. There’s a ton in the Flowing Wind Sect. But since the enemy is using this kind of method to plot against me, he must have laid more plans. If I try to engage in illicit relations like a rapist, then I will surely fall into their trap. Not to mention that I, Jiang Chen, am an upright man. How can I do something as shameful as forcing myself upon others? I’d rather die than do something like that!”

Jiang Chen’s internal struggles made his breathing become faster.

“You… get out!” Jiang Chen’s eyes spat out fiery sparks. Although this matter had nothing to do with Xiao Fei, he was unwilling for others to see him in his current state.

Dan Fei shook her head resolutely, “No, I’m not leaving. It’s all my fault, so if we’re going to die, I’ll die with you!”

“Die? Do you think it’s a matter of death? Do you really have to see me make a fool out of myself?!” Jiang Chen was roaring like a wild beast by now as he began to rage out of control.

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