Chapter 335: The Effects of the Extreme Aphrodisiac

Chapter 335: The Effects of the Extreme Aphrodisiac

Wait, something’s wrong!

Jiang Chen’s perceptions were incredibly astute due to training the Psychic’s Head. He hadn’t noticed something was out of the ordinary when he’d first entered.

But, as he was about to walk out of the door, he could subtly feel that something was wrong.

“What wrong?” Dan Fei asked when she saw Jiang Chen frown.

Jiang Chen’s tone chilled slightly, “Don’t you feel that there’s a faintly discernible presence floating through the air?”

Dan Fei sensed attentively for a while and shook her head with a lost expression. “No.”

“Hold your breath.” Jiang Chen’s expression changed as he immediately opened the door and all the windows.

He then tugged on Dan Fei’s sleeve and dragged her out the door into the yard.

Dan Fei was shocked by his sudden action, but with her understanding of Jiang Chen, she knew that something was surely up at this point. Knowing his steadiness, he would never act so impulsively otherwise.

“Brother Boulder, what’s going on?” Dan Fei asked.

“Of all the precautions I took, I still didn’t defend against this.” Jiang Chen’s expression would be quite ugly at this...

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