Chapter 334: An Insidious Plot

Chapter 334: An Insidious Plot

The Purple Sun Sect disciples all obviously looked to Guo Ren as their leader in the mystic quadrant. When they heard Guo Ren speak thus, they all enthusiastically offered ideas in a massive brainstorm.

Some proposed surreptitiously beating Jiang Chen up.

Others wanted to use poison to cripple Jiang Chen’s cultivation.

Yet some also advocated using profit and gain to buy off Jiang Chen, and have him purposefully lose a few matches. As the saying went, there were no eternal enemies, just eternal profit. They didn’t believe that Jiang Chen wouldn’t submit in the face of enormous profit.

Of course, there were voices that harped on about buying out those that walked with Jiang Chen, and use them to make a move against him.

There were quite a lot of ideas, but after close consideration, it seemed that none of them were viable.

It was a good idea to surreptitiously beat him up, but they first would have to be able to even hit Jiang Chen.

Using poison to cripple his cultivation sounded good, but who would go? If this didn’t succeed and the matter was exposed, everyone who’d be involved in planning this matter would be done for.

As for buying him off, it sounded feasible, but how much profit and resources would be needed to bring Jiang Chen over...

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