Chapter 333: Reactions After a Crazy Streak of Wins

Chapter 333: Reactions After a Crazy Streak of Wins

Naturally, Jiang Chen didn’t know that it was actually Dan Fei walking by his side as brother Xiao Fei. Even if he did learn of her identity, he wouldn’t have known that she had walked such a twisting, emotional path.

Ever since he’d arrived in this world and been pushed along by fate, he’d had no spare time to contemplate the matters of the heart. He was actually quite dense in this regard.

And, as the son of the Celestial Emperor in his past life, although he’d had many bosom friends, his emotional world was a blank canvas.

Because of his yin constitution, he’d been wrapped up in the great ways beneath the heavens and he had completely focused his concentrations in this area, leaving no room for distractions at all.

This was because he could not have children with his yin constitution, so his dedicated focus on the great ways was actually a type of escaping the situation and self denial.

It was because of this special occurrence in his past life that Jiang Chen’s world of relationships was actually completely blank. He was completely clueless in both his past and present life.

The two walked together, but each was lost in their own t...

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