Chapter 333: Reactions After a Crazy Streak of Wins

Chapter 333: Reactions After a Crazy Streak of Wins

Naturally, Jiang Chen didn’t know that it was actually Dan Fei walking by his side as brother Xiao Fei. Even if he did learn of her identity, he wouldn’t have known that she had walked such a twisting, emotional path.

Ever since he’d arrived in this world and been pushed along by fate, he’d had no spare time to contemplate the matters of the heart. He was actually quite dense in this regard.

And, as the son of the Celestial Emperor in his past life, although he’d had many bosom friends, his emotional world was a blank canvas.

Because of his yin constitution, he’d been wrapped up in the great ways beneath the heavens and he had completely focused his concentrations in this area, leaving no room for distractions at all.

This was because he could not have children with his yin constitution, so his dedicated focus on the great ways was actually a type of escaping the situation and self denial.

It was because of this special occurrence in his past life that Jiang Chen’s world of relationships was actually completely blank. He was completely clueless in both his past and present life.

The two walked together, but each was lost in their own thoughts.

“Brother Xiao Fei, you're a bit absentminded today. It would be a grave disadvantage to enter battle like this.” Jiang Chen spoke up in reminder.

Dan Fei was startled and finally came to herself after these words. That’s right, I’m in the midst of the hundred challenge trial. If I can’t place in the top ten, I won’t be able to make it to the earth spirit quadrant. How will I follow Jiang Chen’s path then?

Dan Fei hurriedly brushed away her emotions when her thoughts traveled here. She spoke seriously, “Thank you for your reminder, Brother Boulder. I was wrapped up in thoughts of my life and I had gotten distracted.

Jiang Chen smiled, “Us cultivators have no need to dwell on such things. The strong can change their destiny, so what need to wallow then?”

Jiang Chen was quite sincere in voicing these words.

When he arrived in this world, he too had been unable to shake off the worries of his past life. He’d spent a long time to become used to his identity in this life.

When Dan Fei heard Jiang Chen’s opened minded words, her heart grew warm as she smiled, “Brother Boulder doesn’t look that old, but you make convincing arguments. How odd is that!”

Jiang Chen chuckled as he thought that brother Xiao Fei was quite perceptive. He could come to such a conclusion from my words and actions!

With two lifetimes of experience, Jiang Chen was naturally much more steadier than most young men.

The two had arrived on the outskirts of the arena as they chatted.

Compared to yesterday, the overweeningly proud sect disciples had all docilely set aside their hostility.

When they saw Jiang Chen appear, all of them murmured in their hearts, wondering how many matches this perverse genius would challenge today.

Even more of them were praying that this fellow wouldn't be picked that early today. Otherwise, it would become a disastrous or a day of torment as soon as he was selected.

The later, the better. It’d be best if he was selected at the end of the day! This way, no matter how strong he was, he’d be able to take part in one or two matches at most. The day would be over by then.

This would be to the satisfaction of all.

Dan Fei was the first to be selected today. She quickly achieved three straight wins, and her third win was against a first level candidate. She finally won in the end after a tough fight.

With the three wins and one loss of yesterday, Dan Fei voluntarily gave up her right to issue more challenges after three wins. In this way, her score became six wins and one loss.

Jiang Chen had been keeping an eye on the matches and he too felt that things were odd. Just who was brother Xiao Fei? Judging from his techniques and ability, he shouldn’t be ordinary or undistinguished.

There was also none of the bearing of an outer sect disciple on him. Could he be a wandering practitioner?

But, how did wandering practitioners possess such sophisticated techniques?

Jiang Chen felt that it was quite odd. Logically speaking, it wasn’t unusual for ordinary practitioners to have good potential. But the level of techniques they practiced were usually on a lower level.

Brother Xiao Fei however, possessed techniques that were noticeably not inferior to those of sect disciples. This was a strange phenomenon.

Jiang Chen came to no conclusion after turning over this matter in his mind, but he didn’t ask Xiao Fei when he alighted from the ring.

There was no need to probe some secrets if no one was asking about them. To do so was to make oneself unwelcome.

It was as if the heavens had heard the prayers of the spirit quadrant candidates today. Jiang Chen’s name was announced late into the afternoon on this day.

Jiang Chen was a bit perplexed as he watched the matches play out. He almost suspected that the examiners had done something to bury his name.

Otherwise, it was impossible that his name hadn’t been selected after such a long time.

However, there was no need to suspect the examiners. Although he was a bit dejected, his desire to do battle had yet to reach exploding levels.

It would also be understandable if the examiners wanted to suppress his limelight a bit and not allow him to be too crazy.

After all, with this momentum, he’d be able to complete a hundred challenges in three or four days.

This kind of situation would be undoubtedly a cruel, psychological blow to the other candidates.

Jiang Chen’s name was finally called near dusk.

There was only four hours left in the day at this point.

Having waited all day, Jiang Chen’s mentality and fighting spirit was no longer at their peak. Therefore, he didn’t continue after achieving another five straight wins and updating his score to thirty straight wins.

However, this was still quite a stunning score for two days.

Apart from Jiang Chen, the next highest ranked person was the first seed of the spirit quadrant, Guo Ren of the Purple Sun Sect.

He had achieved eighteen straight wins over two days and he hadn’t lost once either.

Apart from this, there were also two others who had achieved ten straight wins.

Adding Jiang Chen and Guo Ren to the mix, that meant there were four who had achieved ten straight wins.

Although Dan Fei’s score of six wins and one loss was high, she had yet to rank in the top ten.

That night, several core examiners gathered together in the examiners’ residence area.

“Master Fang, was something done to the secular champion’s name today?”

“Indeed, logically speaking, he shouldn’t have appeared so late.”

“That fellow is truly perverse. He’d been selected so late, but he still completed five straight wins. The spirit quadrant is too easy for him indeed.”

The examiners were all talking lively with everyone trying to get a word in.

Master Fang smiled and he was noncommittal in the face of everyone’s discussion and speculation. Truthfully, things were as everyone was guessing, he had indeed done something to the list of names.

It wasn’t that he wanted to suppress Jiang Chen. He actually wanted to protect Jiang Chen. In his eyes, a secular genius was to be congratulated after achieving such results. It was quite stunning.

However, this young man only knew how to show off his strength and he didn’t know how to rein himself in. That wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

Much was hidden in the depths behind a selection for the sects. This selection also wasn’t limited to just these three months. There were too many twists and turns over three years, in which one had to be hardened and tempered by them.

To make such a strong showing in the beginning, geniuses like these may not make it to the end.

Master Fang was acting out of a thought of treasuring talent in placing a small pit in his progress to slow down his momentum. It would be best if his actions could remind this young man.

If they couldn’t, at least Master Fang would be able to slow down his speed and make it so that others don’t set their sights on him that quickly.

There were none who could threaten him in the spirit quadrant. But what about the earth and sky quadrants?

If this young man displayed too much of his abilities and offended too many people, relationships between the sect disciples were complex and intertwined. Who could guarantee that others from the sects wouldn’t suppress this young man?

This secular genius was stunning in the spirit quadrant, but he was still too naive for the sky quadrant. It’d be best if he didn’t keep such a high profile before he’d fully grown into his strength.

Master Fang actually meant well in the end.

However, these matters could only be conducted clandestinely. He naturally wouldn’t admit what he’d done in the face of curiosity from the other examiners.

He was the keeper and head examiner, his word was law. If he didn’t want to admit to things, the others would never get to the bottom of things.

Not to mention that the other examiners were possibly very happy to see him do this. After all, these examiners were from the four sects as well. Not everyone was as fair and impartial as Master Fang.

Anyone with a bit of selfish intent wouldn’t want this secular genius to occupy too much of the limelight and dominate all the sect disciples. Appropriate suppression may be right up their alley.

Several Purple Sun Sect disciples were gathered in the first residence of the spirit quadrant.

This first level residences were all solitary houses, spacious and bright, and it was an absolutely wonderful place.

“Senior brother Guo has achieved eighteen straight victories now. Such good news, congratulations! Our Purple Sun Sect well deserves the title of first amongst the four great sects.”

“Heh heh, it was an unworthy placement to assign senior brother Guo to the mystic quadrant. He shouldn’t been in the earth or even sky spirit quadrants.”

This flattery actually made Guo Ren sweat a little. He did think that he was worthy of the earth quadrant.

But as confident and arrogant as he was, he knew he was quite a bit off from the sky spirit quadrant. The sky quadrant was absolutely not some place where he had the right to set foot in.

Only the best disciples had the right to enter the sky quadrant.

He spread out his hands to stem the tide of flattery from his peers. Guo Ren turned his head to ask, “Cheng Lan, how is your brother’s injuries?”

“Senior brother Guo’s pill had power to overcome a desperate situation. My brother is conscious again and he can regain sixty to seventy percent of his strength in a few days. However, his battle plans are all completely ruined.” Cheng Lan’s tone was a bit dejected as he then bit off his words viciously, “It’s all that animal’s fault! That village buffoon is truly ill mannered. Senior brother Guo, I hope to see you thoroughly torture him to defeat in the ring.”

Guo Ren nodded and didn’t express any weakness.

“Although that fellow is arrogant, he does possess a bit of strength. Even with my strength, I’m not wholly confident in being able to torture him to defeat. However, this fellow considers everybody and everyone beneath his notice and that truly cannot be forgiven!”

Guo Ren grew immensely irritated when he thought about the shame he’d felt yesterday in his recruitment offer being turned down.

“Indeed senior brother Guo, we can’t allow that fellow continue to act so wildly. Otherwise, he’ll wreck senior brother Guo’s great plan to be first.”

Guo Ren felt like his heart had been bitten by a poisonous snake when he heard these words. He was thoroughly put out.

These words were piercing to his ears, but they were the truth. With this fellow’s momentum, he’d already won thirty matches in a row and was completely putting his eighteen victories to shame.

As long as this fellow was here, his plan of taking first had almost no possibility of succeeding.

“I must be the victor!” Guo Ren waved his fists viciously in the air. “Which of you has a good plan? Start thinking. I will treat well whoever gives me a good plan!”

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