Chapter 332: Dan Fei and Her Deeply Rooted Affection

Chapter 332: Dan Fei and Her Deeply Rooted Affection

Jiang Chen hadn’t thought that brother Xiao Fei would be such a busybody, but he had no misgivings. After all, brother Xiao Fei was a young sprig and happened to be in the emotional haziness of youth. Wasn’t this the time of his life in which he was most concerned about the relationship between men and women?

He flicked a glance at the other and saw Xiao Fei fixated on him with a very serious look. An ardent desire to hear the answer was written all over his face.

Jiang Chen thought for a moment. In both his past and present lives, although he’d had many bosom friends, he truly hadn’t had any loves that had etched themselves in his heart.

He sighed dejectedly, “No.”

This response had dimmed Dan Fei’s shining gaze by quite a bit. She’d been circling around all the other topics for the purpose of asking Jiang Chen this question.

She wanted to see from Jiang Chen’s attitude if he had any feelings for her. Even the slightest bit would be good.

However, Jiang Chen hadn’t given her the answer she wanted.

Dan Fei fell into a despondent mood all of sudden, her heart quite filled with bitterness. Did she not possess enough charm and allure in the end to make it into his sights?”

“If you don’t have any...

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